Briefly: Apple shareholder proposal, VLC app removed, Intel tablets



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    Originally Posted by ChiA View Post

    Whilst these aren't free like vlc they won't break the bank either.

    True and I don't need his pity nor vlc on an iDevice. It's always been a buggy piece of software on the Mac; current version crashes half the time I quit the app.

    On reflection it's the only app on my Snow Leopard Mac that crashes every day of use, not even Flash does that!

    You must have something wrong with your Mac because I've been using VLC since back in the day and I use it heavily watching 720p blu-ray movies on my slow 2007 Macbook. And everyone I know who has a Mac and TB HDs of blu-ray movies in mkv format uses it as well without a single crash.
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    Originally Posted by Crowley View Post

    I didn't say I think they would, I said they need to if they don't want to cut themselves off from GPL software. I'm sure they don't want to cut themselves off from GPL software, ... but I hope they manage to open a dialogue with GNU and figure out how they can make it work. ...

    The problem here is not Apple, The problem is the GPL, which is incompatible with pretty much any other license, open source or not.

    I posted in another thread yesterday about this in regard to Adium/Pidgin, with the example that Pidgin doesn't work with OpenSSL because libpurple's GPL license is incompatible with OpenSSL's BSD-like license. Two open source products but developers are not free to use them together. So, if open source supposedly equals freedom, how can this be?

    It's because, far from leading to freedom, the GPL actually limits freedom and choice: there's freedom only so long as everyone does what they are told and all software is licensed under the GPL's restrictive terms, and freedom only within the limits of the GPL.

    EDIT: The succession plan demand is totally stupid. I think the group asking for this needs to find someone more intelligent to manage their money. Never a good idea to have idiots doing that for you.
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    Originally Posted by Firefly7475 View Post

    I'm not an Apple shareholder... but if I was the idea of Jobs stepping down would make my heart skip a couple of beats.

    I wonder if the plan set out by the board of directors in the event of something happening to Jobs is just to go all Weekend at Bernie's on his ass...?

    It would probably have less of an effect on the share price than admitting there was a problem!

    They kind of already did that once. Good reference !
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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    If you notice the GCC Apple uses is rather old. It is my understanding that Apple like many organizations has rejected GPL version 3. LLVM & company predate GPL 3 though. I would have to say GPL 3 gave Apple a little push.

    After Apple took over the funding of LLVM and before it brought forth Clang, libc++ and much more, the creator of LLVM came to GCC to offer his project to improve GCC. This was also the time that GCC was still GPLv2.

    Several turf war arguments later and issues with licensing, not to mention RedHat being complete control freaks over GCC resulted in the end of the road for Apple and GCC.

    Even before this Apple was having issues with the direction of GPLv3.

    So was Linus Torvalds and his Linux Project.

    His official view of FSF and the GPL regarding Linux was a big talk to the hand to Stallman.

    READ IT. It's priceless.
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    Originally Posted by penchanted View Post

    Not going to make a difference - this is an idealogical battle.

    This is precisely the reason why, although I used to be a huge fan of open source software and still like it to a great degree, I am also becoming extremely angry at open source developers for being extremely selfish and idealistic rather than making their software more useful and available.

    Another good example is the ZFS filesystem on Linux and h.264 support in Firefox.

    To be perfectly honest, a lot of open source developers need to GET THE HELL OVER THEMSELVES.
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    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    I believe that jackass's name is actually Rémi Denis-Courmont.

    So, in the end, whose the successor?
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    RE: VLC

    Open Source geeks get a little too worked up. So what if there is DRM attached to a FREE application! If you want the application, go onto iTunes and click "purchase" which seems like a weird word for something that is free.

    I can give a lot of arguments why the Apple approach is good for the average person. The average geek will give me a ton of reasons why it is closed and prohibitive. I say spend a little more time with the average user that does stupid things... the closed approach is not all bad.

    This licensing argument was just plain dumb. Purists
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    Originally Posted by ViktorCode View Post

    In the long run I believe GPL will lose by not having any major & relevant projects covered in the future. Restrictive nature of GPL v3 will push many projects to other (?sane? as someone put it) open source licences which won?t restrict further code development and reuse in commercial world.

    VLC lost already, more so on a Mac. On iOS there are better alternatives, more compatible with media formats and less buggy, though they cost money. On desktop I believe people are still using it only because they haven?t yet tried things like XBMC etc.

    There is also Perian, which if you have it installed will eliminate the need for VLC except in some extreme cases. Perian also hooks into QuickTime so it's transparent and you don't have to worry about which player to use. I'm sure there are many other alternatives that I don't know about also.

    Like many folks, I downloaded the iOS version the minute it came out in case it disappeared like it has today but in all honesty I only used it once. It serves almost no purpose on iOS and even though I have it, I wouldn't be bothered if I didn't.

    People don't generally email each other DivX files and need to open them on their iPhone, iPad, etc., and given all the convoluted ways to get media onto an iOS device it's actually just as easy to import it into iTunes first and then it's converted anyway.
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    Originally Posted by bunnyturd View Post

    It's no secret that Rémi Denis-Courmon is not a fan of Apple. His day job is software engineer for Nokia.

    Here is his photo. A bit pale and fugly.

    He can look like someone glued a dog's ass to his head, but it doesn't make him wrong about the conflict issue.

    And as he said, no one should be shocked about the pull. He talked it up enough that every blog was reporting it, given this of us that really really care enough time to grab the app

    Originally Posted by Firefly7475 View Post

    I'm not an Apple shareholder... but if I was the idea of Jobs stepping down would make my heart skip a couple of beats.

    Not sure why. Jobs 'stepped down' for close to six months not so long ago and the company didn't crumble. You almost couldn't tell he was missing what with the stock price going up, product lowing out etc. All those critics saying without Jobs Apple would be dead in six months aypte their words and declared that Cook et al did a great job

    What folks need to remember is that Jobs handpicked a lot if not all of his executives. They have been raised in the ways of JobsThink with daily doses of the KoolAid. And tech is not an overnight thing. Jobs started working on the whole iPhone/iPad ten years ago. He's probably had other things going that long as well. And right is starting things we won't hear rumors about for another five years.

    So even if he drops dead this second, the company knows where he was taking it and knows the answer to WWSD and things will go just fine. Even if they don't spell it all out because some shareholding group wants to feel like they have some control etc
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    "At last, Apple has removed VLC media player from its application store. Thus the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the AppStore terms of use is resolved - the hard way," Denis-Courmon is reported as saying in a blog post. "I am not going to pity the owners of iDevices, and not even the MobileVLC developers who doubtless wasted a lot of their time. This end should not have come to a surprise to anyone."

    Awesome. Now go take that Introduction to UI Design down at the local community college, and pass the info along to your open-source friends.

    For having a lot of wherewithal and gumption, it amazes me how smart, dedicated open-source developers can't for the life of them figure out when something looks like shit. The VLC Mac app looks like Godzilla screwed a stapler. Guys, I'll pay $1 to have something that looks a little better than a pile of leaves.
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    Originally Posted by bunnyturd View Post

    ...Here is his photo. A bit pale and fugly.

    This comment is really out of line. What does his appearance have to do with anything?
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    Originally Posted by McDave View Post

    Stopped using VLC ages ago. Perian allows any QT based app to play/convert all legacy formats. Much smarter approach and brings in media to my iOS devices. The only thing the OSX version of VLC is good for is handbrake.


    Perian suits most of my playback needs, but I also use Movist. I like how it remembers the last position a video stopped, though I wish it would save this data long term. Movist is basically a nice looking version of VLC without all the crashiness.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Good news re: VLC. Hopefully it won't be allowed back until it actually works.
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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post

    Good news re: VLC. Hopefully it won't be allowed back until it actually works.

    What didn't work about it for you?
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    povilaspovilas Posts: 473member
    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    What does his appearance have to do with anything?

    Don't want to step on any toes here, but in many cases with everything.
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Nothing against the Labor and CalPERS but I'll be voting down both of their proposals in the proxy vote.

    I'd like to read them first.
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    Rémi Denis-Courmont is a jackass, and a coward, where's the comments section on his blog? Up an orifice of his probably. What a gutsy move from the Nokia employee... And that quote, "I have no pity for...", oh please Rémi show the developers and users some pity... as if there aren't tens of video playing apps for ios costing peanuts.... jackass.
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    In a year from now not one piece of Apple software will be built with GCC. It will all be LLVM/Clang and libc++ will eventually supersede libstdc++.

    That will be one nice day when it happens.
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    Originally Posted by AdamC View Post

    What is this guy Rémi Denis-Courmon up to, he was the one who pointed out the discrepancy and if he did not VLC will still be in the apps store.

    So he is the one kicking the other vlc developers.

    Pity? or one with a paid agenda by ..... your guess is as good as mine.

    He works for Nokia if that tell you anything. He makes a living working against Nokia. His hobby is apparently to sabotage any VLC projects on Apple products. What a douchebag.. and an ugly one too... see post above for his mugshot.
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    Originally Posted by Povilas View Post

    Don't want to step on any toes here, but in many cases with everything.

    So .. you are arguing that a persons race, gender and general appearance is the most important aspect to consider when talking about their actions or beliefs?

    Whether the person is white, black ugly or beautiful has nothing to do with this at all. I don't know why the admins here (who are really fast with the banning usually and for very slight offences), are letting mister bunnyturd and a few others spend their time insulting this guy.

    Why not focus on what he *did* and leave his personal appearance etc. out of it, instead of getting all bigoted on his ass for no reason?
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