First look: 'The Daily' for iPad promises in-depth, interactive news



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    Having never used this app, I will pass judgement based off of this image alone:

    It?s like every other news publication that came before it. Except this one?s on the iPad.
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    Originally Posted by Shogun View Post

    Color me confused, but I really want this. I never picked up an iPad 1 because of weight, screen refresh rates, no FaceTime, and the fact that I have an iPhone 4, a new MBP at home, and an iMac at work...

    All along I've been glad for Apple with their iPad success, but haven't been tempted to buy an iPad. Until now.

    I know. Call me crazy. But this is a killer app for me. Or at least it has the potential to be, as I've only read reviews like this one and not experienced it for myself.

    Agreed. A lot of the comments before and after The Daily launched have been anti-News Corp./anti-Fox News, but I don't see The Daily going down that path. They want to show that a purely electronic, subscription-based, daily newspaper can work, and the target market for that is not the Glenn Beck crowd.

    It looks like the editors have a great UI that incorporates text, photos, video and graphics, but they're going to have to find a voice to succeed. They need to bring in a name-brand political writer, entertainment writer, sports writer and op-ed columnist, break some news, and get those guys out on the cable shows talking up the brand.

    Hopefully, the New Yorker, GQ, Time, etc., will roll out their in-app subscriptions soon.

    I have not taken the iPad plunge yet, but this app and the commitment that other newspaper and magazine apps are making to the platform put me in the definitely column for iPad 2.
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    Originally Posted by RMBittner View Post

    "The Daily" - Issue #2

    I'm going to eat my words a little bit. I thought today's issue of "The Daily" was much improved over the initial issue. And maybe I'm also altering my expectations a bit. It is not competition for readers of any of the major US print dailies -- and that even includes USA Today; if you're only getting your news from "The Daily," you're going to be pretty uninformed. But it does feature several of the top stories of the day -- one or two international stories and one or two national ones -- and then offers a range of feature pieces more commonly found in news/entertainment/Sunday magazines.

    That's the "content" end. As for the app, it still needs work. It's often impossible to swipe to turn a page; I have to go to the "carrousel" and then pick the article I want to go onto from the coverflow there. Some articles encourage you to rotate the iPad to landscape to see more photos; if you do that at the very beginning of an article, though, you'll end up somewhere in the middle of the story when you rotate back to portrait -- or you'll end up in another article altogether. The integration of audio clips and video clips worked pretty well today, though, with none of the freezing that I encountered yesterday.

    To be honest, I wouldn't mind hearing others' thoughts on the actual app and product, rather than this debate that has nothing to do with actually reading "The Daily" on an iPad. I mean, this is the first app offering us the ability to subscribe in-app, at a discount... No one wants to talk about that?


    I do. Attempted that discussion yesterday, got no response as the ideological debate took over.

    I noticed some of these same problems yesterday. I tried several videos and got only a black box, and I don't like the "rotate to see text" idea. Every other iPad app I use doesn't make such arbitrary distinctions. It's a misuse of the rotation feature, IMO.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to localize the sports section, and how I manage my subscription.

    I also agree, the depth is lacking. They need a stronger op-ed section, for one. Perhaps they're hoping that users volunteer to submit opinions instead. If so, bad idea.

    The biggest problem for me, and the single one which would prevent me from ditching any of the three newspapers we get currently, is the lack of local or regional news. Somebody needs to figure out how to link these national newspapers to local papers. The technology seems ideal for this, but maybe nobody's thought to do it yet.
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    Originally Posted by physguy View Post

    ... Same with the emails. Did you READ them? They are available and you don't have to depend on any filter to interpret them. ...

    Originally Posted by oxygenhose View Post

    You messed up the quotes...

    Because "scientists" who claim to think "global warming" is a real and serious "problem" ...

    So, since neither of you seemed to disagree with the communist plot part, can we assume that you do think global warming (or, as you would say, "global warming") is a communist plot? If not, please explain exactly what sort of "malicious" plot they may be up to.
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    Originally Posted by msantti View Post


    Been reading comments at Ars, Techcrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc and every thread has got to get polluted by some troll that hates Murdoch and News Corp.

    Sadly though, can't say I am surprised.

    Well, msantti, sadly anything associated - even indirectly - with Fox News deserves the skepticism. If you don't think so fine, but you ain't in a majority.
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    At least Steve Jobs isn't a close-minded, ignorant, hateful liberal.

    Jobs called Murdoch last week and told him that he thought the Daily was terrific.

    The ironic part about many liberals is that many of them get their news from certain shows on a comedy channel. In general, I find my cat to be more informed about current world events than the average liberal.

    Yer dum.
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    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post

    I think we would all be best served by not watching FoxNews or MSNBC and we all should read more books.

    If one has to watch TV...I'd recommend Fareed Zakaria/GPS and Christiana Amanpour on This Week.

    Other than that I can't really think of any TV that is worthwhile watching...perhaps Frontline, Nova and FormulaOne.


    There you go!! I will dip into FoxNews and MSNBC, but Fareed tonight in about 10 minutes described more about the complexity of what is really happening in Egypt, than Hannity could in a 2 hour special.
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    A total piece of crap not worth the price of FREE. Crashes on launch reliably - all the time. If not then soon thereafter. Completely a waste of time waiting for the crash after "delivery".
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