Piper: Apple's $3.9B component deal more evidence of Apple television



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    Originally Posted by extremeskater View Post

    I don't see Apple getting into this but I would agree that if they ever did it would be LED. While Plasma is older there are some people that are really into this stuff that still swear by Plasma.

    Plasma has its advantages in certain situations but alot of people like LCD and LED because of the brightness. Thats why when you go into the showroom the TV's are set so high you can pretty much get a tan form them.

    Plasma all the way, i'm yet to see LCD/LED backlit LCD which matches Plasma in picture quality. LEDs are getting close but still not there.
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    gqbgqb Posts: 1,934member
    Right... Apple is going to go down this rat hole...


    "TV Prices Still Falling, Sony?s Profit Drops 8.6%"

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    Gene Munster is way off on this one. There is no way Apple would enter a market where everything is commoditized and margins are dropping.

    What Apple could (and I wish they did) do is eliminate the traditional AV receiver. I recently purchased my first receiver and the setup was tedious. Trying to configure everything through a small LED screen is a joke.

    "Apple TV AV" would use the connected TV act as it's interface. The AppleTV on steroids would have a GUI interface that would use logic to assist in the setup of the surround speaker, inputs, etc using an Apple remote or any iOS device via bluetooth or wi-fi. It would be intelligent enough to sense what's plugged in figure out the best way to channel audio. A dock on top would let you play through content and don't forget about AirPlay.

    I'd pay $300-$500 for that piece of tech now.
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    Originally Posted by GQB View Post

    Apple would be insane to get into that space consuming, low margin, support intensive business.

    PC hardware business is also low margin, but Apple is able to differentiate, keep prices high, and minimize retail discounts.
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    eideardeideard Posts: 427member
    Another profound discussion of business, markets and technology. By non-starters.

    Excepting a few. That's the only surprise.
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    The oldfashion TV is dying there is no reason for Apple to enter a sinking ship. Shure there is room for a large screen in the living room for seeing news, sport and all the rest. But to a schedule set by the end user not by a TV company.

    The current cable tv mess were you have to pay for packages instead of being able to shoose individual chanels will also have to go. I now pay for 40 chanels to be able to wiev ten

    The current Apple TV is lame as many functions does not work outside the US. If the TV is to go anywere they can not lock it in as much as the iPhone. Imagine " No Sir your Apple TV does not work with that chanel"
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    I'd consider an Apple tv, if it didn't have overscan or overscan could be turned off by the user. A lot of flat-panel TVs these days have overscan that you can't turn off. It's really annoying.
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