Moving iLife storage to external drive

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
What's the right way to do this? I want to clear up some room on my iMac internal drive, and some of the iLife applications create some large files. I know these are located in the Movies, Pictures and Music folders in my User Folder. Do I copy these entire folders to the external HD, or just the files inside them? And once I've moved the files, and told the various apps to look for them on the external, do I delete the folders in my User Folder?



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    1. Make sure any iLife applications are not running.

    2. Move the folders you want over to your external drive.

    3. Now, the important step. Make an alias of each folder you moved over to your external drive. Just right-click each one and select "Make Alias."

    4. Move the aliases you just created to your internal drive. Make sure they're in the exact location the original folder was in before.

    5. Test each alias by clicking on them to see if they take you to the right place.

    Now when you're prompted to save data in your iLife applications, they will be saved to your external drive instead of your internal drive.
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