How are these new unlocks being done?

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Many sites are now reporting that numerous unlocking sites are now offering a new unlock service that works for all iPhones. By all appearances they are using access to Apple's own whitelist database to add IMEIs, which results in iTunes unlocking the phone in exactly the same manner that the sanctioned carrier unlocks are done.

For a few months unlockers have been able to offer unlocks for some European carrier's iPhones, with the assumption being that they had people on the payroll inside these carriers to gain access to the Apple provided terminals that insert the IMEI's into Apple's database. But these carrier terminals can only unlock IMEI's that are registered to that carrier. But now they are offering it for all carriers (not Verizon CDMA, since no SIM) which seems to imply they either have people inside all carriers or more likely they have found some hole which is providing them unfettered access to unlock for all (almost all) carriers. At $175 it is hefty, but for those that really need it, it might be worth it...until Apple clamps down and starts relocking illicitly whitelisted IMEIs.

Sort of surprised AI hasn't commented on this yet.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    You ask how they're done while posting how they're done in the text of your post...

    We're not reporting them because of how MUCH more dodgy they are than any other service. And because they equal a warranty breach that CANNOT ever be reinstated (normal jailbreak/unlock? Restore and poof, it's back. This unlock? Once Apple sees the US-sold IMEI in their database, warranty's gone forever. Nothing you can do).
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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,754member
    I am only speculating at how they are doing it. Yes, it is being added to the whitelist, but how?

    You are right about the possible warranty repercussions. In a few months though, many will be out of warranty and that will no longer be a concern. Still seems like something AI should report on, but I see that they have since.
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