Suppliers believe Apple could ship 45 million iPads in 2011



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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Now, the other thing is that Apple has been throwing around the 65,000 apps for iPad number for several months now. I think it has probably gone up past 80,000 and may be approaching 100,000 by middle of the year, depending on approval rates. There are quite a number of Malaysian made apps for example, I've met the developers, and while it's a good start they aren't anywhere yet near the quality of the featured US/UK top apps.

    I'm rambling a bit but what I'm trying to say is we should be at the 80,000 apps for iPad mark. But as though the number of apps really matters... We need more info on what people are using, how they are finding them and how much time they spend purchasing, using and pirating apps for iPad.
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