Apple restricts employee time off in May as retail's 10th anniversary approaches



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    kerrynkerryn Posts: 87member
    How about 10% of everything to celebrate 10 years?
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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    Originally Posted by b1937 View Post

    It's a white iTOUCH!

    With Job's picture on the back.

    what's an itouch?
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    elliots11elliots11 Posts: 288member
    Probably a sale.

    But if they're taking requests...

    If you've bought any Apple product at a retail store ever, you get a free limited edition gold octo-core macbook pro or carbon fiber 32 core mac pro, and both come with 32gb of ram and a 1TB SSD. Plus they can go ahead and release Lion and iPhone 5, and if you buy either you get a free iPad 2 signed by Ive. And hey, throw in a surprise Mac Mini/Apple TV hybrid since I'm feeling generous with Apple's money.

    If it's not asking too much
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    Maybe the long-awaited release of the iCar?
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,892member
    Quarterly Earnings call just made mention that 1 billionth customer will be walking into an Apple Store near you in May. That's a milestone for ya. But can't see why that would occasion no time off for all staff.
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    Or Apple HDTV
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    screw that i have vacation coming up, im taking it.
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    2oh12oh1 Posts: 503member
    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    Might not be the 5 but a 4.5 instead. Updated spec to keep it fresh and ahead of the competition.

    This wouldn't surprise me in the least. Good call. 4s? 4x?
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    delanydelany Posts: 51member
    Are Apple retail employees ever allowed to take vacation? They weren't allowed to take it in March, either.
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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,217member
    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    Numerous reports suggested the iPad 2 would be delayed until Sept just days before Apple launched it in March, so anything is possible.

    True. Although I am more inclined to think new iMacs, a new MobileMe, maybe new iWork than the iPhone

    Maybe even a bumped up release of the new Final Cut (and perhaps Logic)
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    rob55rob55 Posts: 1,291member
    Originally Posted by Filmantopia View Post

    It's the other way around. When Netflix decides to seriously expand its instant play library, the DVD will be dead.

    I literally just finished watching a movie streamed from Netflix and the quality still leaves something to be desired (and I get 20-30Mbps down).

    Oh, and just to get back on topic, I've got my fingers crossed for new iMacs.
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    The headless Mac we've all been clamoring for!

    *runs away*
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    I'm picking either an iPhone Air or Apple TV (with screen).

    Or maybe a trade-in program - bring in your windows box and get a big discount on an iMac. All those traded in windows boxes get sent to the third world as free hackintoshes. /sarcasm
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    ankleskaterankleskater Posts: 1,287member
    Maybe it will be iPhone 5? So it's not coming in June. But why does it have to be later than June? Could be earlier!
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    I believe it will be a device that has something to do with the CLOUD!

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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Originally Posted by Filmantopia View Post

    It's the other way around. When Netflix decides to seriously expand its instant play library, the DVD will be dead.

    En? Netflix decided many years ago to expand it's streaming election. It has the money and wants to buy streaming rights to absolutely everything. The problem is that the copyright holders don't want to license streaming rights to Netflix. They're afraid of the new business model and are dragging their feet.

    This is really what's holding back streaming hardware sales. Apple realizes this and it is probably why the atv has been considered a hobby. It will remain so until reasonable prices are negotiated for online streaming.

    If apple is going to have a special event to promote or launch an atv product, it will only be when there is sufficient content available at a reasonable price.
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,084member
    Originally Posted by Pooch View Post

    what's an itouch?

    It's a Logitech keyboard that was discontinued in 2008.
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