iPhone 5 to see 'major redesign' with multi-touch home button, 3.7" screen - rumor



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    It makes sense that it will be a significant redesign. apple may still be ahead--but its lead is narrowing. so while these 'deets' may be wrong (they usually are, arent they), it will certainly be a new design. to add a further reason, the world may have stopped talking about antenna-gate, but there is still a stigma to many, thus apple will want a new design to get rid of any lingering doubts.
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    Originally Posted by stormj View Post

    Let's apply Occam's Razor.

    The speaker and mic are "behind the glass"

    It looks more like an iPod touch.

    So.... this is probably the next iPod touch.

    I have to agree. Looks like ipod touch buttons, but iphone front (speaker, 3g logo) of course non-contract 3g on a touch would be pretty sweet! Put the speaker in for skype, vonage, etc, oh yeah!
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    camcam Posts: 35member
    I would definitely welcome a slightly larger screen, but the form factor as shown in the mockup would be a real step backward in my opinion.

    The tapered form factor, when lying on a desk, might be OK in portrait orientation but would be very awkward when in landscape as it would be tilted to one side.

    The iPhone 4 form factor has a sophisticated, timeless integrity... I really hope they don't mess with it too much.
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    Polished metal back on a phone? No thanks. My iPod touch looks like crap as it is.

    And the multi-touch gestures sound interesting. But why not just utilize the touch screen itself? It seems a bit unnecessary. I'd like to see what they come up with.
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    macvictamacvicta Posts: 346member
    I hope the 3.7" part isn't true. I was really, really looking forward to the iPhone and iPod touch stepping up to 4" screens. If anything I want them to go bigger, to 4.3 inches.
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member
    That mockup looks ugly and out of proportions.
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,729member
    Originally Posted by nkalu View Post

    I wish Apple maintains the same form actor of iPhone 4 for iPhone 5. Just a wish. It is classy.

    They will. Unless the rumor mill goes nuts with lots of dodgy images of various 'body parts' appeveiny over the next few weeks, that is. Personally I think ip5 will look much the same as ip4. Ip6 will mark a bigger change in the same way it took 2 generations for the 3G to radically change.
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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,217member
    Originally Posted by A_K View Post

    I really really like this mockup. .

    I'm okay with everything but the whole 'teardrop' part. It looks horrid to me.
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    This design has too many flaws to be conceivable.

    1. Razor edge at bottom doesn't lend itself to having a dock connector. Will Apple implement a new connector, not likely yet as it would completely invalidate millions of accessories and automotive interfaces that have adopted the iPod/iPhone/iPad standard connection.

    2. Thinner than the iPhone 4 while containing the A5 and NFC. No chance. The A5 is larger in physical size than the A4 making a thinner design near impossible.

    3. Edge-to-edge screen would make most cases obstruct the screen making it very frustrating to use. Most cases have a raised edge to protect the screen should the phone be on its face.

    4. Glossy metal back. Fingerprint and scratch city. Not so much a flaw but I definitely would hate this. My iPod classic looked like crap on the back. If Apple does this, let's hope it's the matte aluminum used on the MacBooks and iPad.
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    cgc0202cgc0202 Posts: 624member
    Originally Posted by DaHarder View Post

    Larger Screen = Success

    Smudge-Prone Polished Metal Back = Fail!

    How is your Xoom tablet? Did you get the G4 upgrade already? And, did you sell your original iPad?

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    haggarhaggar Posts: 1,568member
    Remember the unfavorable reactions when the iPhone 4 was first revealed. Now the iPhone 4 is BEST PHONE EVAR.

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    My bet is that rumor would be partly correct, but many would be off base, judging from prior record. One of those that may not come true is the multitouch gesture for the home button. It is just too small and redundant with the multitouch screen functionalities.

    What is most likely to happen during 2011 to early 2012:
    1. The antenna will be redesigned

    2. The glass back will be replaced, most likely metallic black, and silver white but not shinny?

    3. The first two would also cause a redesign of the enclosing body, back to more curvy back like the iPad2 not the MBA

    4. The screen resolution will be the same

    5. More powerful processors

    6. iOS5 upgrade

    7. thinner but only very slightly?

    8. improved battery life but only slightly

    9. Further camera sensors upgrades and/or functionalities

    10. Same prices, the current iPhone 4 will be reduced in price to $99 for the basic

    11. improved features and functionalities in conjunction with NC facility activation

    12. No 4G (more likely in 2012, if not later)

    Maybe to less likely
    1. Apple may expand the CDMA iPhone to other countries

    2. Improved enterprise functionalities and features

    3. Because of the popularity of the $49 3Gs, Apple may decide to retain this as the "affordable iPhone" just like the affordable white MacBook. This would be less likely but possible.

    Desirabe but less likely?
    1. Universal iPhone?

    2. solar power features to extend battery life (maybe a future feature)

    Apple Ecosystems
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    slightly larger screen (edge to edge) within the same external dimensions would be really terrific. Probably my single biggest wish for the iPhone right now. I think it would make a decent difference to the browsing experience in particular.

    The thing i'm a bit disappointed to not be hearing any rumours about is a touch sensitive rear panel. I would just love to be able to scroll vertically thru lists using my index finger on the rear of the phone so that my view of the screen is unobstructed.

    may be one day!
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,503member
    I left my comment on MacRumors and the taper is a bad engineering design for an already thin product which is still a rugged design, not to mention what has already been mentioned regarding venting, larger chip A5 and much more.

    The only possible change is the pixel density of the current design, improved antenna design and the rest is internal, with a possibility of a gestures button.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    I don't doubt Apple will redesign the iPhone with some features like a larger screen. However, it isn't going to be with the next refresh. I say that because it wouldn't make sense that Apple release the white iPhone now, just to completely redesign the phone a few months later.

    Also, Apple starts working on redesigns years before they are released.
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    bregaladbregalad Posts: 816member
    Originally Posted by stormj View Post

    Let's apply Occam's Razor.

    The speaker and mic are "behind the glass"

    It looks more like an iPod touch.

    So.... this is probably the next iPod touch.

    to carry it further...

    The touch screen is not going to be a different size than the phone. Thus the new touch still has a 3.5" screen, but with an even smaller bezel and thinner body because Lord knows Apple's obsession with thin knows no bounds.

    Doesn't really matter to me. I have a touch. It's OK, but I'll never buy another device that loses its network connection the moment I step out of the house or office. iPad 3G data can be purchased as necessary at reasonable cost. That's what I want in a portable information device.

    Apple please make your next new iDevice a cross between the touch and iPad: small enough to go everywhere, but big enough to have decent battery life with occasional 3G use. 5-6" screen should do the trick. No phone capability. I want data not expensive minutes. Until then, as they say on Dragon's Den and Shark Tank, "I'm out".
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    whozownwhozown Posts: 128member
    I like the concept of the multitouch home button and the edge-to-edge screen looks nice as well but I just can't get over that tear drop profile. I drop my iPhone on an almost daily basis and this design just seems like I would break it almost instantly. I really hope this is a fake.
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    sheffsheff Posts: 1,407member
    Apple would never release an iPhone that looks like the sketch provided. However it could be the next gem touch prototype design. As we have seen from case leaks it seems like apple is sticking to the current design, while making minor changes. I tend to believe that more because iPhone 4 was a big redesign and doing it again just does not sound like a good idea.

    Oh and capacitive or touch button is the dumbest idea ever, and I hope it never happen. Even with a physical button I sometimes quit out of apps inadvertently. With a soft button it will happen more often and would be annoying.
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    radjinradjin Posts: 165member
    Originally Posted by DanaCameron View Post

    I'm all for a larger screen and improving the technology, but I don't believe this mockup. What would be the point of the teardrop shape?

    Slip in the pocket easily. I like that.
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    sennensennen Posts: 1,472member
    Originally Posted by nkalu View Post

    I wish Apple maintains the same form actor of iPhone 4 for iPhone 5. Just a wish. It is classy.

    I agree.

    I don' think there will be a major change externally. Apple will stick to major revisions every 2 years, in my opinion. After all, the antenna issue was proven to be a non-issue for 99%+ of the user base. Also, I don't think that they will reduce the pixel density to allow a larger screen at the same pixel dimensions. A new resolution for developers to design apps for won't happen until next year's iPad at the earliest.
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