Sources: Apple gearing up for back-to-school promotion as early as next week



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    Originally Posted by DocNo42 View Post

    More like Douché

    (thank you Macalope!)

    Not sure what you are trying to say but "touché" was correctly used by Chris_CA. Douché means to take a shower or getting soak. I have never seen it used in the way twitter describe it, must be french slang from france. (I am in quebec)
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    alfa twoalfa two Posts: 7member
    On day one of availability I ordered a new 27 inch iMac with a 265 SSD drive in addition to a 2 Tb drive. I was informed that because of the SSD it would take 6 weeks to ship. As I have not yet been charged, I wonder if Apple will consider this a purchase to be made during the up coming back to school promotion.?!
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    Originally Posted by DocNo42 View Post

    Only if you need to demonstrate your "superiority" over others

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    Originally Posted by brutus009 View Post

    In years past, did you need any proof that you're a student to get the deal?

    I've been waiting for a Mac Mini refresh and to get in on a student deal would be great, but I'm no student.


    i get the discount and i never gave any proofs at all

    its a well known secret hidden discount since student or teacher is defined so openly

    you should get %8 and an ipod touch or something to match .

    go for it

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    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post

    My thoughts exactly except around here in the mid-West the Xmas stuff goes on sale after Labor Day and lasts unit late january, making nearly 5 full months of gimme gimme gimme.

    Sheesh, when I was growing up in the 40s and 50s, no one ever even tried to put Xmas stuff out until the day after Thanksgiving. You have to wonder how starting so early increases sales.

    And for Apple to do this BtoS stuff in May? I find it very disingenuous and crass.


    Dude apple announces a student promotion the same time every year . its a legal requirement as far as i know .

    I agree THAT this 5 months early christmas sales stuff is sickening and lowers the meaning of it all .

    apple is NOT doing this .

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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    They require proof so you are out of luck.

    And I highly doubt they will include the iPad.

    This meeting is likely their typical quarterly to do. They are probably putting up the curtains to keep customers from banging on the door etc. The overnight is probably some banners for the anniversary and any stores that don't have the new big set up tables getting those put in.

    The only thing that might require a fresh NDA is the whole icloud/MobileMe or some new internal procedure. since their is supposedly massive training I am going with icloud which won't actually launch until WWDC. Those why folks have to keep mouths shut

    Nope. They will start in late May to catch grad gifts for incoming college students (who are the only ones that can get the promo), go all summer and release in Sept as always


    I have bought something 2 yrs out of 4 .

    Now in truth my wife is in the school system so I DO qualify , BUT apple never asked for any proofs .

    and when I just bought my new MBP 15" apple stopped the sale and made me re-do it under the school discount area . I had forgot. I of course pay full tax whenI order and most people buy from maximal and get a tax feee deal. I Only buy apple products from the online apple store. Seems like better stuff . I guess

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    Originally Posted by DCJ001 View Post

    It's French.

    Until you posted your response, I had no idea what the heck "walla" was! It never occurred to me that it was voilÃ*!
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    Originally Posted by DCJ001 View Post

    It's French.

    And "you're a college student" is probably what you were trying to say.

    You might want to actually attend a few classes instead of just registering for the temporary school ID.

    You mean I've been talking French Dang, from now on it is Walla.
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    I am still waiting for BTS promotion \
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    ben2eben2e Posts: 4member
    So at the very least it didn't happen early. Anyone know an update ?
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