Safari Not Loading Web Videos

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For some reason, my Safari is not able to load various web videos from Yahoo Movies or the NYtimes. I can see the ad, but when the video should load I get a message that the video is currently unavailable. If I open the video in Firefox the video plays fine. I'm not sure what is wrong, but I'm wondering whether it's related to Adobe Flash or ClickToFlash.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I wasn't even sure whether I have Adobe Flash because it doesn't seem to be listed in the Applications folder.

Any advice would be most appreciated!


My specs:

-Safari v5.0.5

-Adobe Flash v10.2.152.33

-ClickToFlash v2.2.5


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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    If these are Flash videos, ClickToFlash will be stopping their downloads. That's what it does. What you should be seeing for Flash is gray boxes with the word Flash inside where the video should be. Clicking on the word Flash will instruct ClickToFlash to start downloading the Flash object you clicked on.

    Adobe Flash is a browser plug-in. To see it in Safari go to Help > Installed Plug-ins.

    You can also fine the plug-in in HD > Library > Internet Plug-ins
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    C'mon man, I know that, otherwise I wouldn't have downloaded ClickToFlash \ I've already whitelisted those 2 websites.

    Didn't know the second tip though, thanks!
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