Apple to sell Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for $29.99 only in Mac App Store



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    goldenclawgoldenclaw Posts: 272member
    Originally Posted by BklynCowpoke View Post

    So how many operating systems will I have to buy and install to upgrade from Tiger?

    If you are on a PowerPC Mac you can only update to 10.5, but good luck finding a retail copy.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by Goldenclaw View Post

    If you are on a PowerPC Mac you can only update to 10.5, but good luck finding a retail copy.

    You realize Tiger ran on seven months worth of Intel machines, right?
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    samwellsamwell Posts: 78member
    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    I'm here to blow my own horn.

    It's not the first thing of your own that you've blown.

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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    Originally Posted by Negafox View Post

    Actually, most Mac users I know are still on Leopard under Intel-based systems. Remember that Leopard came out a year and a half after Intel-based Macs.

    oh I know very well when it came out, I was just saying that most adopters that jump on the latest thing from Apple typically don't wait 2 years or skip an OS for that matter and therefore wait until all their questions are answered in the real world not posting on forums asking questions.
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    dpackmandpackman Posts: 21member
    Booting from a recovery partition only works if the disk still works. Having an alternative boot option (media or thumb or ...) is essential.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    It would have the backup of Lion already installed on it. You boot to the Recovery Partition to fix any problems.

    It seems you?re making the assumption only regularly used partitions fail. What if the recovery partition gets hosed?
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    halhikerhalhiker Posts: 111member
    It'll be interesting to see how a boot copy can be done. I had to use mine last week when the "Geniuses" told me I needed a new logic board. They couldn't boot it up when I wanted them to check my GPU. I told them no way. I went home, booted from the Snow Leopard DVD, fixed a few permissions and, voila!, good as new. Now, how am I going to do that?
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    "Your Mac must have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor to run Lion."

    64-bit Macs only...
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    BuffyzDeadBuffyzDead Posts: 350member
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    myapplelovemyapplelove Posts: 1,515member
    Myself, like a lot of others, wanted resolution independence very much, so the rest of the os news don't sound that interesting.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Originally Posted by BuffyzDead View Post


    If you have to ask, sounds like you'll be buying a new computer.
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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,425member
    Originally Posted by BuffyzDead View Post



    "Your Mac must have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor to run Lion. Find out if your current Mac has one of these processors by clicking the Apple icon at the top left of your screen, then choosing About This Mac. "
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    Originally Posted by michelcolman View Post

    The app store only works on Snow Leopard. So how exactly do you upgrade to Lion from 10.5 if you can only download Lion from the app store?

    I have the App Store installed on my 10.6 Snow Leopard right now - there are changes to the App Store for Lion and downloads of changes only instead of full DVD update.

    I recently upgraded to 50Mbps download - and with 4 Macs to upgrade - I am ready.

    I am not sure if I have heard confirmation that it will be download only - but another option would be to boot into Target Disk mode (requires a second Mac, perhaps at the Apple Store) and do the install that way.

    There may even be services available where you send in your hard drive and have the upgrade done for you - or buy a new hard drive with it preinstalled - and an external enclosure for your old hard drive. and I am not talking about illegal copies or hacked versions - I am saying that if I purchase a licensed copy from a reputable vendor along with a service to do the install for me that should work I would think very much the same as buying a copy in the local store and paying their techies to do the install for you.
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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member
    Originally Posted by samwell View Post

    It's not the first thing of your own that you've blown.

    Nah buddy, you're wrong about that, I'm not Ron Jeremy. And besides, that's what females were made for.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by BuffyzDead View Post


    Right now it looks like Core 2 Duo and higher.
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    The carefully worded video at says "...and the Mac App Store is the only place to go to download Lion."

    Not the only place to get Lion, but the only place to download it.

    This seems to leave open the possibility of buying a Lion disc.
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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    The most advanced operating system at such a very low price. Very attractive offering. Thanks Apple.

    Forces everyone to create an account with Apple to upgrade.
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,524member
    Apple will likley have DVDs available at retail for Lion installs for Leopard owners, etc. Why wouldn't they.

    Notice Lion is only 4GB? Why? To fit on a single layer DVD! However, I guarantee that the install is still tied to your iTunes PW and cannot be used on more than 5 machines (not a guarantee).

    Lion at retail will likely be $29, also. Apple is pushing to beat Windows at its own game - OS updates! It reduces confusion about which version to get.

    I pray Apple's servers are ready for 10 million downloads on day one for Lion. The servers would completely go down without that massive data center.

    If I could blow myself, I'd never leave the house.

    PC-free iPhone and iPad ownership is the way of the future. No backup if Apple has it on the cloud.

    I hate the word cloud.

    I need someone to figure out if Lion will actually run on a non-64-bit machine (such as the first Core Duo Macs). Or I need to sell my MacBook Pro CD.

    Coudl it be that iTunes is how Apple is going to add copy-protection to its OS DVDs? Imagine if installing the OS required you to create an iTunes account? Perhaps the retail disk version does not require it (more likely).
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    Originally Posted by macosxp View Post

    So, a family of Macs with slow internet that occasionally needs to boot into the DVD to fix a problem is basically screwed?

    And if you're coming from Leopard, you have to install Snow Leopard first?

    Has no one else here heard of BootCD ?

    Also there is post pointing out that the message from Apple is that if you want to DOWNLOAD Lion that it will be App Store only - NOT that APp Store download is the ONLY option for getting Lion - it is the only option for DOWNLOADING Lion.

    I could see a time in the future when there will be an OS upgrade that is ONLY download - but I would expect to see an optical drive in far fewer machines by then.

    And have you never heard of network boot? given a sufficiently fast network you could boot you Mac from a network device - and then install from there.
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    elrothelroth Posts: 1,201member
    Originally Posted by O4BlackWRX View Post

    First, you download it on one computer you can then take the APP and install it on multiple computers via USB Flash drive, AFP, FTP, etc so download 1 time and that's it.

    Second, if you are on Leopard chances are you aren't on Intel so therefore Lion wouldn't work for you anyways since it's Intel only. If you are on Intel and aren't on SL that's a mistake in itself

    Third, as far as booting up there is a recovery volume accessible when you hold down option on startup so no need for additional stuff.

    Before I get myself into anymore trouble talking about this - relax people Apple has thought of everything here so just wait until more info is released to the public before asking a million questions.

    Intel computers were here long before Snow Leopard - my brother has an Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro, and he's still running Tiger.
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