External Storage Backup Recommendations

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I am looking for a good backup drive to use with my Mac Book Pro and Time Machine. I currently use Snow Leopard and plan on upgrading to Lion when it is released. I had been waiting for the new Time Capsule to be released to see what it offered and I am considering purchasing one. I tend to prefer Apple solutions to make everything as seamless as possible. I like that Time Capsule is wireless partly because I would like to keep the drive in an inconspicuous location away from the Mac in case of break in and theft. However TC does not seem to be universally liked due to past heating issues, the fact that there is only a single drive and it not being an easily serviceable solution. I would like to find a solution that 1) works seamlessly with Time Machine, 2) is rugged, 3) can be easily serviced if one part breaks, and 4) be used wirelessly if possible. Basically a very reliable least hassle solution. Someone had mentioned the Drobo previously and that seemed to have potential even though it isn't a wireless solution. I have heard that AirPort Extreme can be used with a USB hard drive for Time Machine backups however my understanding is that this is not officially supported by Apple. The LaCie Wireless Space has been mentioned but I don't know if this compares favorably with TC. Also even though backing up online is probably the safest way to keep the data intact in case of a disaster, I don't like the idea because of privacy issues and I don't know how well personal data can be encrypted.

I was wondering if anyone could offer any good solutions?



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    If you can I might suggest you go with a cloud backup solution. Protects against theft as you mentioned but also fire, tornado, flood, hurricane...
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