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    [quote]Originally posted by jeffyboy:

    Hmmm, in defense of my ISS theory, jets have mistakenly chased the planet Venus before, but the radar hits don't make much sense, I guess.<hr></blockquote>

    *slowly bonks forehead against his desk - repeatedly*

    Jeff, whatever you do in life, I want you to promise me you will not become an attourney.

    Getting back to the story at hand, I have the following comments:

    1. Regarding the proximity to DC, traveling 25 miles seems like a long ways until you consider an F-16 travelling at 600 mph (just below the speed of sound at sea level) could cover that distance in 2.5 minutes. Either way it's likely they were clearly audible in the immediate metro area.

    2. The blue object the guy saw could've been the first plane's afterburner. When viewed at certain angles it would appear as a blue triangle, and if the first plane had say a half-mile separation from the second plane (not unlikely) it would give the appearance that the second plane was "left in the dust"

    Either way there's not enough detail from the witness' statement to determine whether he knows enough about low-flying aircraft to make a reliable statement.

    3. If it was a UFO in the X-Files sense, does anyone really think the Air Force or NORAD would cop to it? Common. They're not going to feed "UFO's are real" to the press - not unless they want riots or general public hysteria.

    4. I will submit to being a sex slave, so long as my master looks like Catherine Zeta Jones (or other magically babe-licious type).

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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    I promise, and sorry about your head, Moogs!

    But, really, it COULD have been the space statio..

    Kidding, Kidding!

    They said in the article it was a routine launch, so that means they often send planes up to chase an object that just disappears?


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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    Maybe it's like when hunters shoot at clay birds? They launch something into the air and the fighters try to catch it.
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    scadboyscadboy Posts: 189member
    Interestingly, it seems someting similar happened exactly fifty years ago?

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    I want to believe


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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member

    Yah, I'm sure there are quite a few "standard launches / pursuits" that turn out to be nothing - bad radar return, flock of birds, recreational aircraft (gliders, etc) it's logical this is what they would report. Really the only way they'd report something different is if they had actually intercepted some type of aircraft that was stolen / involved in drug smuggling / suspected of terrorist activities, etc.

    Also: possible it was a UFO that they simply couldn't identify because they couldn't get close enough, and so what do they eventually report? "Standard launch...nothing to report here sir, move along sir."

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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    It's too bad Renny Rogers (why do I feel like Scooby Doo when I read that?) didn't have a video camera at the time. I love a good shakily-shot clip of a blob of light with heavy breathing in the background.

    Do you guys remember the "triangle" UFO's of a few years ago? That was pretty impressive footage. The government said it was normal aircraft jettisoning flares. I wonder, though...

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    That's what it was. There were no actual photos of a craft that had a visible body. All there were were night-time videos of this traingular light formation. The explanation given is a very plausible one I think. Very easy for the wind patterns to move those flares in unison as well, to give the impression of a single body moving across the sky.

    As for the big triangular thing people saw over their homes in broad daylight, who knows. Imagined, stealth bomber derivative, drone, LSD...

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    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan:

    <strong>just FYI... waldorf is _nowhere_ near DC.

    Good 25-30 miles.

    Sounds a bit too -close encounters- for me, though.

    oh well. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    dude, that's only a few minutes, if that, for an F-16.
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    I have seen a UFO, actually my whole family has seen one. Over the ocean at our beach house ( in the middle of nowhere). You could see a faint outline and five blue lights came on they looked like interior lights or something but they lit up the house and all of us. Then the faint outline dissapeared and all you could see where the lights. Then they blinked out and a weird humming sound started. The dogs ran under the bed and every cricket ect stoped all you could here was the humming which continued for hours. At about 3:00 the humming stoped but no bugs made any sound the rest of the night. Then two nights later the humming came back. We never saw the craft again but you could feel it. It felt like it was in the backyard. When I went downstairs (I was outside) all the hair on my back stood up. Man if you could say hearing was believing this would be it. I didn't sleep the whole night. Plus our neigbor has also seen one. So yes I believe. In time.
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    I'm kinda hoping they will blow up washington DC (like in the movie). They need the get the IRS,Senate,FBI,NSA,CIA,WHITEHOUSE... ect how about I say everything. And the part about being there sex slaves what if they are really hot then it would be ok. Or maybe they are shape changers and can turn themsleves into beautiful playboy models. YES I AM BEING HUMOROUS!!!!!! but think about it would you I mean would you??? I NEEEEEEEDDDDDDD HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!! hehe

    In time.
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    wyntirwyntir Posts: 88member
    I betcha million bucks everyone on this board has seen a UFO.

    But I guess that's just being overly semantic.
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    hikohtahikohta Posts: 41member
    all this hoopla is prolly for the movie "signs"... they're investing tons of money on marketing for this movie... they even built crop cirles in various areas of the country to create a fake "scare". lol... it was on msnbc and fox news.
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    I cant beleive no one has thought about the possibility that it could have just been a small unmanned aircraft....(i.e. HiMAT(sp?))

    attach many SUPER BRIGHT Xenon or better lights and you have a UFO....

    ofcourse it could of been a training mission or drill using a HiMAT like aircraft, which if you ever heard of HiMAT would know that ALL the research/chase craft COULDNT keep up, HiMAT can turn faster than any other manned jet today, and is quite speedy....

    ofcourse were talking technology from the 70's?

    as for the radar signature dissapearing....

    consider this, a disc like shaped aircraft, unmanned, with body panels that slide out of the skin that are radar absorbant

    also consider the fact that this sighting occured at night, possibly so as to not reveal these stealthy retractable panels in the light of day

    with the (previously blinding) lights off, and the absorbant panels full out, its not unthinkable for it to have happened, as is to this date the BEST explanation to what happened....

    its actually the only plausible event I could think happened.....

    and think about this, why would the USAF admit they had such a beauty?

    the radar absorbent panels or targa-skin, the bright bright light, the razor sharp handling and break-neck speeds.... and the sudden dissapearance from NORAAD radar and the visual contact loss from the pilots.....

    it all sounds like an unmanned aircraft to me, man made(or atleast man-conceived, computer made lol), earthly, and very much not the ISS.... or the blue trail from a F-16, although the blue trail is a VERY damn good idea, just doesnt explain the radar signature :cool: :cool:
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    digixdigix Posts: 109member
    Speaking of U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) over D.C.'s airspace.

    Has anyone find out more about that UFO that showed up over D.C.'s airspace in 11th September 2001? You know, the one that crashed into the Pentagon, but was claimed by American Airlines that it's one of their crafts.

    Note: U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) is a general term. Which can mean from an unidentified missile to an unidentified craft piloted by unidentified people. If you're flying a craft that is not known by some people, you're flying an U.F.O.

    Back to U.F.O., as in an U.F.O. that doesn't look like any known craft.

    In 11th September 2001, after the second crash toward the second tower, something pass by at high speed. The speed of the object is too fast that the camera only see it as a blur.

    This is no Internet hoax may I remind you, while some pictures in Internet are indeed hoax d(or to be more exact, an altered version of the real news clip), the actual news clip is real, and it was used by many news media when representing the 11th September 2001 news.

    If you pay attention to that news cllip, something does indeed pass by at high speed. But... what is it?
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    uh well.... you surround a top secret military aircraft with a bright blueish light and you'd get a "UFO"

    besides, HiMAT was the 70's(i think) so immagine what is available to the USAF NOW

    oh and when I said disc or saucer shaped, I meant the same style that the SR-71 used, and the current publicly known UAV: Predator

    so think of a cross between a delta wing and a disc with the same style fin leading from the nose like the Blackbird(SR71)

    and you will probably have something close to the vehicle that showed up recently

    also, it should be noted that the craft never flew "over" the whitehouse, as a military officer you wouldnt want something to go wrong and end up killing your boss would you? ok dont everyone answer that.....

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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have active service, supersonic RPVs. Probably have had them for years.
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