Apple's cheaper iPhone 4, new iPhone 4S with larger screen to debut in September



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    Originally Posted by Boogerman2000 View Post

    I've gone back and forth between ip4 and a range of the latest Android devices.

    Apple had better release something great.... ...."4s" at this juncture does not cut it.

    Not sure why they waited this long but I'm not convinced it was market strategy.

    Originally Posted by saarek View Post

    .....When you consider how ancient the IP4 now is I'd be extremely surprised to see and iPhone 4S, it'll be an iPhone 5 plain and simple.

    Originally Posted by cvaldes1831 View Post

    ....Steve Jobs will get up on stage and announce the iPhone 5, with the A5 chip, running iOS 5.

    It's simple. And we all know how much Steve likes simplicity.

    Not many are saying so on the forums (where gearheads tend to predominate I've noticed), but I'm guessing that really tweaking iOS 5 and iCloud may have more to do with release dates than hardware. Especially since no appropriately small/efficient 4G chipset is out there (to my knowledge). So designing and building a new phone with say, a new cam and larger screen - and they have the processor - isn't something that would take Apple nearly a year and a half.

    iOS 5 is ambitious and so is iCloud - and Apple's already been underwhelming on its web efforts every time at the plate - from iDisk to .Mac to MobileMe - so, since they're taking on that past plus facing up against everything from DropBox, Amazon, Google Music, SugarSync and more here, plus just dropped a gazillion or so on the new data center -- so my sense is they're really trying to nail going live with all of this actually working together seamlessly.... ...especially with millions of Lion clients already waiting....
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    Originally Posted by TheOtherGeoff View Post

    Isn't there a commandment about that? coveting thy neighbors sexy phone?

    I think the form factor most closely approximating a pocket phone, coupled with retaining the resolution parameters of the current phone are the gating factors.

    I doubt they'd add more than .25 on the width (pushing edge to edge... which if you 'wrap' your holding hand while gesturing, you'll end up with a thumb being a 2nd/third finger on the screen, giving unexpected nav results), and .35 on the length, and retain the same number of pixels (that's almost a 10% increase in screen), dropping it to 300ish DPI.

    Beyond that, get your wandering eyes an android phone, or get reading glasses;-)

    I see the little smiley there, but for those of us with aging eyes it's no joke. I only need reading glasses for reading small print. Since I consume much of my content on a computer where larger fonts are a keyboard shortcut away I rarely have need for reading glasses and it would be a pain to have to carry around a pair just so I could use my phone.

    I like the 4.3" display on the Samsung Galaxy S phones, but I've not been impressed with font handling in Android. Because there are so many different Android screen sizes it's common to be using an app that's been scaled up or down to fit your particular screen. I also think some app developers don't take enough care with font choice and contrast. AppleInsider's occasional use of grey text on a grey background is a great example of low contrast.

    I don't see how an 8GB iPhone is really going to be much less expensive than a 16GB one. I can walk to a brick and mortar store and get 16GB of Class 10 flash in an SD card for about $20. Apple deals directly with chip manufacturers and is likely paying half that much. That means an 8GB chip might save them a whopping $5.
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    Hey thanks for that lol case we didn't know what an iPhone was
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