Apple exploring universal power adapter, data/charge cable for iPhone & Mac



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    Didn't the EU pass legislation a while back, thru-out the whole of the EU where ALL phone/computer/tablet power adapters (at BOTH ends of the cable) and power supplies, should be a single standard???
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    Originally Posted by Bwinski View Post

    Didn't the EU pass legislation a while back, thru-out the whole of the EU where ALL phone/computer/tablet power adapters (at BOTH ends of the cable) and power supplies, should be a single standard???

    That's completely different. Apple's doing this on their own.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    As long as no one tried to defend those enormous plugs they use in the UK, I'm happy. I feel like I'm plugging in a washing machine to charge in iPhone.

    In a way, you are, because that's 220 to 240 volts at every jack. There's a trade-off going on, 220 is more efficient to distribute, but the jacks and plugs have to have wider spacing to prevent arcing.
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    Originally Posted by Horrunmio View Post

    The way forward, as I believe it to be, is with wireless electricity. That I have heard could come in 2012 with a new iPhone. If you look at the facts and a predictable path it fits in because at CES2011 there was product after product with wireless electricity capabilities - and they all worked just fine. In Apple's court though you only have to look at iOS 5 with its ability to wirelessly sync whenever connected to a power source, well, if that were always the case then it would complete the loop.

    I think this is a nice idea but the ultimate would be no wires and the competition are hot on it. You'll be getting 60Hz speeds next year as the prototypes are rolled out at the end of 2011 for WiGig and wireless power is on its way already.

    If anything Apple will be putting WiTricity into all their products to bathe a room in as much coverage as possible, so thats into the charger, the MacBook, AirPort Express wall adapters, Time Capsule...

    lol, another tesla follower wanting to pull the ethers out of the air to power their devices. not to worry, you can already power chips from all of the frequencies currently in the air. only a matter of time... and with the cloud everywhere, who needs to sync and have/own their data?

    what we need is an ethernet port on these little devices so they can be used as a server when their otherwise useful life is over. i know a lot of ipods became non-portable music players when the batteries gave up. there's a lot of low power processing power and sensors in those little devices.
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    It would be more practical, a single cable to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

    I have a cable for my MBP, i could just use that to charge all other apple devices, no need to have that usb adapter. Makes it easier if you lose a cable too. If it comes out cheaper, i'm all for it
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    I have 8 wires sticking out the side of my 2011 MacBook Pro.

    Magsafe Power

    1Gbps Ethernet

    Firewire800 to External drive

    Display Port to DVI adaptor (several year old Cinema Display)

    USB (to cinema Display to USB hubs)

    USB (to iPad)

    USB (to iPad bluetooth keyboard)

    Audio out to multiple speaker system

    Using USB ports for iPad so I can easily take the cables out when needed and plug in USB memory stick.

    7 to 11 or so USB devices connected to the HUBs (UPS, Tablet, Media card reader, scanner, trackball, sometimes Flight Control devices for X-Plane).

    Generally when I travel I have a notebook with me - and it has USB ports - so I plug in the notebook and then plug the iPhone into the notebook - and have car charger for iPhone etc - so not really sure how this is going to help.

    I do like the fact that the iPhone and iPod and iPad all have the same connector - that way I can get reasonably priced plugs, wires, car charges, docks, etc and have them all over the house and use whichever whenever, with only 4 iOS devices in the house I must have at least 10 different places I can plug them in - most with wires or docks at the ready. The only downside is dock type devices that are made to fit with no case on the device.

    I could likely give up the wired ethernet - maybe - but I have a 24 port Gigabit switch so it seems like a good idea to keep it wired.

    I might give up the Firewire drive when I install a Mac Mini Server with a Pegasus RAID array.

    If I could have one wire to a Cinema display that carried power - video - USB - and Firewire (or equivalent) then maybe I could get down to just Thunderbolt+ and Audio with as needed wires for iPad - especially if it could backup / sync / etc via WiFi - and maybe cloud takes care of some of that - then at least I could move the USB wires to the hub so they are more out of the way.

    Wireless charging pads are cool - but adds weight and cost and complexity - so not sure we will those as built in features any time soon.
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    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    Now a MacBook brick that was a small and light as the iPhone wall plug would be awesome, but is that feasible physically? Probably not yet.

    +1 for that. A smaller or thinner adapter is exactly what I'm hoping for. I love how portable my 11" Macbook Air is, but it kills me that I have to carry around that brick of an adapter too. It would be awesome if the adapter was thin enough to put into a laptop sleeve too.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    That's completely different. Apple's doing this on their own.

    No apple is not doing this on their own. A stated purpose of the new EU. regulation was to have apple come into. compliance with the standard micro usb charge /data connection that every one else has been using.
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    Originally Posted by Offgridman View Post

    No apple is not doing this on their own. A stated purpose of the new EU. regulation was to have apple come into. compliance with the standard micro usb charge /data connection that every one else has been using.

    And what does that have to do with this article?

    Apple is not working to make MicroUSB ports on their devices. That's not what this article is about at all. They're coming up with an entirely new port.

    Or maybe you'd like to explain how MicroUSB can power a laptop.
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    Originally Posted by ConradJoe View Post

    How is this a goal of Apple? They use proprietary connectors on iPhones and iPads, and they fail to include standard connections on Macs.

    Whenever the neighbor's kid wants to hook up his MacBook to the TV, he has to run home to get an adapter. Apple products routinely need special cables in order to hook up to standard inputs.

    "Toting around" special cables seems to be Apple's goal, not reducing them. Actually, buying special cables from the Apple Store seems to be the goal - whether they get toted around is irrelevant.

    I feel this "cable toting" pain!

    I've had all the iPhones and many docks and accessories and car stereo solutions.

    my Mid-2009 MBP doesn't carry audio through the Mini-display to HDMI connection. So when connecting to the TV, one more cable is needed to carry audio. This is especially annoying if you have your HDTV's Audio-Out connected to a home theatre amp.

    Apple allowed audio thru HDMI on the next model. Was that just a ploy to make 2009MBP owners start thinking about upgrading their laptop?

    Also, The 30pin dock connector games that apple played a few years back, where some iphones won't charge with some docks/ annoying. especially when you're listening to music with a group of people via the iPhone.

    Or you setup your car stereo to play ipods/iPhones through the dock connection.

    "Hey everyone, I know you're really digging this music, but i have to stop it to charge my phone ---- because apple won't allow this stereo dock to charge AND play my phone "


    I agree, the cable non-sense seems to be a goal of Apple at times.

    It's nice to hear that they are possibly making moves to improve compatibility with charging/syncing all the devices. (maybe? someday?)
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