How to work Time Capsule?

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Hey guys, Hope you all can help me with my problem. I think it's rather easy for any apple veterans.

Anyways, I'm having a bit of trouble getting my Time Capsule to work. See, I wanted to use it as a wireless router, and as a wireless back up device of course, but it seems that I have a router/modem that is issued from Verizon. It basically has a coax DSL cable going in to the router/modem, and then a few ethernet ports, and one WAN port on it. So essentially, this is a combo router/modem.

Now on the Time Capsule, there are no inputs for a coax DSL cable obviously lol, so knowing this, I tried just a standard connection of an ethernet cable running from my router to the Time Capsule. So first off, the Time Capsule never stopped blinking amber, and also, it did not show up as a wireless device on my iMac. I'm assuming it didn't show up, because it wasn't even working correctly in the first place.

So how the heck am I supposed to use this thing? I understand that I most likely won't be able to use it as a router, but I would really like to use it as a wireless backup. Is this possible to do?

Could anyone please help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it.



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    call verizon and have them come out to configure their router in bridge mode. just tell them the situation and schedule the appt
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    Would I be able to set my router/modem to bridge mode just by signing in to it? I forgot what that IP was that you type in to the address bar on your web browser, but it brings you to the interface of the the router. Don't all routers have that option?
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    Time machine takes a full backup, and stores it on an external drive, then hourly it takes a snapshot of any files and stores them on the drive. That drive can either be a USB drive plugged directly into the machine or a wireless network drive.
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