Ron Johnson assembling former Apple retail alumni at JC Penney



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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member
    Originally Posted by Porchland View Post

    Former alumni is redundant.

    JC Penney is redundant.
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    Perhaps with all of Ron's chummies leaving Apple Retail, things can start to change to make Apple Retail a better place to work. Because right now Apple Retail doesn't give a crap about it's employees. That's really too bad too. The people who join up to work at a store really want to be great employees working at what should be the best place in the world to work. From what I have seen Fry's is a better place to work.

    Someone really needs to go through and fix the crap management in the stores. Perhaps the Apple Union will force change. I hope so.
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    oc4theooc4theo Posts: 294member
    Mr Johnson will some day quit or retire, both of which are the same thing.

    He can never accomplish what he did at Apple. JC Penny is neither Apple nor Target. The people he will encounter are people who do not like "change". He is going to encounter innumerable resistance at every level, from management to low level store clerks.

    Apple employees are proud of their employer. JC Penney employees, just need a paycheck.
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    JC Penny needs a makeover badly. He is his job out out for him.
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    nceencee Posts: 857member
    And as pointed out, it's JC Penny, Not Apple or any other major brand.

    I'm sure he will get some things changed, but will they be enough?

    If he get's Apple products into the stores, THAT could be a BIG push right from the get-go. An Apple mini-store in each of the larger (not near other Apple stores), could be great for him, JC Penny, and Apple.

    If there are 1100 JC Penny stores, it's a safe bet, many are in areas, were there is not an Apple store, and maybe not even a BestBuy?

    But t simply re-invent JC Penny's, WILL require a whole new look, feel to the stores, and he'll have to bring something new and exciting to get folks to stop buy and to PURCHASE stuff.

    Now IF he worked this out with Steve, and this opens the door to at least 1100 stores to carry the Apple TV, right out of the gate, now this could be good for both parties?

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    mactacmactac Posts: 315member
    At least at JC Penny if you want some between a tank top (mini) and a suit (Mac Pro) there are lot's of shirts and pants (XMac) to choose from. Or you can buy an all in one jumpsuit (iMac).
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    They have a very uphill battle. Penny's is a stodgy brand.
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    "There's a shirt for that!"

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    "Silk purses, get yer silk purses here . . . no ma'am, it only smells like a sows ear."
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