Apple investigating clip-on iPod nano, shuffle with integrated speaker



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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    It is and was. There were some pictures of a prototype of the current model iPod nano (a green one) with the camera hole cut (and maybe installed? I don't remember) floating around.

    Apple obviously cut that feature, and I'd bet it was because the most common use?a wristwatch?doesn't lend itself well to a back camera.

    That lens opening had a hexagonal bezel, IIRC, which made many think it might be a clumsy fake. I dunno myself.

    Anyway, the watch-strap dilemma is a real one, but solvable. I was going to spell one out here, but I think maybe it's better I keep quiet about it for now [reaches for the old Rolodex with all the patent attorneys in it].
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    The… clip doesn't prevent the current one from begin worn as a watch…

    I meant the sound would be completely muffled because it would be against a band or wrist. It's like putting your finger on the speakers of your phone. That'd sound terrible.

    UI sounds only... But even then it could be an internal one like in the 1-3rd gen touches.

    If the nano would have a FaceTime camera and work in tandem with your iPhone- id buy one in a second! Most people keep their phones in their pockets or purses. Could you imagine- through Bluetooth- your nano watch showing your notifications so that when your phone "bleeps", you don't have to pull it out. Or limited Siri use? Maybe not texts or web searches, but to schedule appointments and reminders?

    That would be pretty awesome... It wouldn't replace my dress watch of course, but my everyday it would.
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    It would make a decent alarm clock for those without an iPod touch/iPhone.

    Hopefully it will not be used for music though. People who sit on public transport listening to rap or bollywood music through external speakers make me want to punch humanity in the face.
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    It will be wearable as earrings. Speakers on one side, cameras on the other, and peripheral vision to die for.
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    Two things:

    1) Apple puts out impressive sound (not audiophile, but clear and loud-ish) from an iPhone.

    2) What about that high end flat-speaker technology, like these MartinLogan Electrostatic speakers?

    Give apple a square-centimeter, flat electrostatic technology (without the woofer-part of course), and the flat-shape to radiate the sound out between the clip & the unit, and it could be passable private sound area when clipped to your golf-shirt.

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    Originally Posted by applebjesus View Post

    You are forgetting Siri needs an internet connection to work and an A5 processor (per Apple). No way the Nano sees that type of hardware integrated into that tiny body unless Apple makes the Nano much bigger in size. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    No, think about it as a companion of iPhone. All this nano would have is Smart Bluetooth, so you can ask something to it, and you voice would be sent wirelessly through a digitalized audio stream to your iPhone 4S in your pocket. All the processing and the Internet communication would be done by the iPhone. Then the iPhone sends the answer to the iPod nano on your wrist, which displays the notification on its screen and talks it with its integrated speaker.
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