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I ordered Photoshop Elements 10 for £34.99 today. However a salesman rang me to say they were out of stock but would send the Photoshop Premiere Elements 10 which he said was an upgrade for the same price. I agreed to this but have I made a mistake? My main reason for wanting Photoshop Elements 10 was to repair old photographs for my family history project. Will Photoshop Premiere do this as well?


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    Originally Posted by pazbhan View Post

    Will Photoshop Premiere do this as well?

    There isn't a Photoshop Premiere, it's a bundle pack with both Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10:

    Premiere is for video editing.

    If it's an upgrade pack, you would need to own the full previous versions for it to work (Photoshop Elements 9 and/or Premiere Elements 9). If you don't have the previous versions, check with the store to see if you are getting the full version and if not, cancel the order. Adobe themselves have a 50% off sale on their website so you can possibly buy it direct but it ends today.
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