Adding RAM in MBP15 2.4GHz Quad i7

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These are probably hack, hack questions (no insult intended):

1. What happens if you install more ram than Apple "supports?"

2. Is it equally easy to install a solid state drive yourself?

This all started when I looked at Newegg to guage the offest in cost if installing a RAM upgrade (from 4Gb to 8Gb) myself rather than ordering through the Apple Store - I was also investigating if I could swap the drive with my own solid state (bc it seems strangely expensive too) Anyway... I know Apple MBP officially supports up to 8GB SDRAM on the MBP 15 2.4GHz Quad i7, but I was wondering if its dangerous or feasible to insert 16GB (2 x 8gb). I am not sure if the 8Gb has the same pin config, or if other components would overheat without the limit...

I Googled to see if anyone's tried it, and couldn't find much... it seems you can buy 2x8Gb for $200. Has anyone tried it? Or is that a really dumb idea...

Some of the software I use is really inefficient or the tasks are semi-intensive, or i have a workflow that requires multiple apps to be open... AutoCad via OSX is especially bad (its new-ish and kinky), a little better via BootCamp. I do a lot of video editing, but not enough to shackle myself to a desktop. Sometimes music composition and live video processing (feedback loops). and sometimes i process large batches of data via a few custom software tools a friend wrote for me (she created them in her spare time, they are simple, but some functions are not optimized - they're for generating images according to a very specific process...)

(Footnote: i greatly prefer the stability of mac hardware and software - i wish I knew more about writing software for OSX... i wrote a few things in Java for a PC and it was easier to get started on the PC - if someone could give me a pointer on learning to make simple processing tools for the MAC i'd be really happy!)


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    I do know that at least in the past the amount of supported RAM was due to hardware limitations. The first MBP could only handle 2GB, the second only 3GB and the third version 4GB tops. This had nothing to do with Apple's support and everything to do with hardware that you couldn't change. It may be a similar situation, meaning you'd just be wasting money.
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    If this is the current model of 2.4GHz MacBook Pro, you can use 16 GB.
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