T-Mobile US says it lost 700K subscribers 'primarily' due to iPhone 4S launch



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    Yep. And AT&T is going to lose me to sprint when the ip5 comes out...p'haps sooner! AT&T's plans are draconian for this day and age....I don't want to pay over $100/mo. to have to stop looking over my shoulder all the time for excessive overages! Ugh!

    Reminds me of cable companies and big banks that are run by vultures and thieves!
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    Originally Posted by delany View Post

    They lost me partly because I switched to the iPhone.

    However, the other reason is ... they did nothing to keep me. I was with them for over 6 years and not once did they give me any offer or discount for being a loyal customer. In fact, quite the opposite - the discounts were better for new customers than long term ones.

    This seems to be the case with all US carriers - they do nothing to encourage customer loyalty. Then they wonder why people find it so easy to switch.


    I can't stress how this is so true enough. It's the reason why I left them too, as they decided to raise my monthly rate after calling me to let me know that they were discontinuing their old plans.
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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post

    Before long could we be hearing demands that the government force Apple to make the iPhone available to all carriers? In the interest of "fairness" of course. And while they're at it the government could also dictate the terms under which Apple would be required to provide any carrier with the iPhone.

    How about simply the iPhone being declared FRAND?
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    If I was a T-Mobile subscriber I would surely leave too.

    No iPhone - then there isn't a reason for me to keep paying monthly fees.
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    Originally Posted by AdrianJNYC View Post

    No iPhone - then there isn't a reason for me to keep paying monthly fees.

    No iPhone is the only reason I like T-Mobile. If you don't want a forced data plan, you can go to T-Mobile and not have one. When they get the iPhone, they'll force data plans. They'll force data plans on their iPhone users that haven't had them for five years running. And every single one of them will complain and there'll probably be a class-action lawsuit.

    I'd be on T-Mobile with my iPhone right now, except they have no service where I live.
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