Apple CEO Tim Cook visited new Foxconn iPhone plant during China trip



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    Originally Posted by uguysrnuts View Post

    BTW...whoah, it's too early in the early morning to vomit. Maybe a spoiler type alert? This dude gives pigs a bad name. How desperate anyone be for 15 mins . of fame?

    I could swear I squished his head in Angry Birds last night.
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    120,000 people. Has any factory in the U.S. ever had anywhere near that number of employees? Even back in the days of the big steel mills and such?

    Can you even imagine a U.S. company trying to hire 120,000 people for a new plant?

    For an excellent look at the people who work in these plants, read "Factory Girls" by Leslie T. Chang.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    The Man in the Yellow Mac.

    Winner winner chicken dinner.
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