Famous designer says Apple will reveal 'revolutionary' product within 8 months



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    rhaugrhaug Posts: 1member
    Last week I cancelled Directv, bought an over the air antenna and installed a wifi tv box. I saved over US $ 100 /month. In March I installed a prepaid card in a wifi smartphone, saving over US $ 60/month. I also replaced all the cell phones plans of my family with prepaid phones and asked my family members to limit individual phone calls to 1 minute each. Together with other cost cutting measures (replacing expensive software updates with free software) I saved over US $ 250 a month or US $ 1500 a year. A truly revolutionary Apple product would allow me to reduce my monthly computer/communication/entertainment bills to zero.
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    notscottnotscott Posts: 247member
    Shoes haven't been updated in a while:
    • Same basic shape (foot)

    • Same complicated interface (laces, buckles, velcro or zipper)

    • And no matter what your context (what you're wearing, where you are) they remain the same color.

    I think Apple's (and Starck's) iShoes are positioned do better:
    • Tie and untie your shoes via Siri

    • Provide haptic feedback when you're going the wrong way (map and GPS services)

    • Retina uppers change color and intensity adaptively (ambient light sensor)

    And so much more. AppleInsider, you can quote me in your next headline as saying "Apple to revolutionize footwear in 2012."
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    z3r0z3r0 Posts: 238member
    Wearable computing is the next phase.


    $1.2 million and going:

    Pebble Watch

    Sony Smart watch

    Originally Posted by spleck View Post

    The iPod nano will complete its transition to a watch, designed by Starck.

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    I can't wait for the iBeret!
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    This thread is all noise and no signal, just like the original article.
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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,834member
    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    Good design is good design regardless of the personality (or lack of one), of the designer.

    Yes indeed.

    I am quite amazed at how many posters on this thread are still railing against the photograph and using it to criticize his designs. They seem to think it is a picture of his apartment and that the furniture is of his design and that he took the photo. Hilarious.
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    Originally Posted by OnePotato View Post

    Is it any coincidence that 8 months from now also happens to be the same time that experts predict the world will come to an end? I think not!

    I sure hope you are joking when you say "experts".
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    IF Apple does come out with a TV, it would be really cool if the designed an easy to setup/use home theater system. I was on vacation a week ago renting a big house and in their family/media room they had a big screen plasma TV and home theater system. Someone changed one of the settings on the receiver by accident and it took an A/V guy 2 hours to figure out how to fix it. I'd love Apple to come up with an easy way to connect and manage your TV and peripherals. Also something with amazing sound quality. Oh and while they're at it a really nice car deck where I can slip in my iphone would be sweet.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by OriginalG View Post

    Interesting, another product from the Jobs era. I wonder how long it'll be before we see something conceived entirely since Cook took over.

    Maybe longer. Seriously, a company lke Apple, employing some of tephra smartest people anywhere will have 100's of great ideas floating about. Look at iPad; the concept was developed well before the first iPhone, in fact iPhone derived from that project yet it must have been at least six years before iPad hit the market.

    As to what it is I don't know, frankly I have little need for a TV. What I would love to see Apple do though is to get into robotics. The industry and technology is still young but even simple devices can be useful.
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    statsstats Posts: 3member
    Maybe he cracked the secret to integrated, easy-to-use security.
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    shogunshogun Posts: 362member
    Originally Posted by zoetmb View Post

    Back in the days when a majority of autos used DIN-sized radios that weren't tied into the HVAC system, this might have been possible. But now that replacing radios is a really big deal, if not impossible in so many cars, I can't see Apple getting involved in this. And while Apple would have loved to do an OEM deal with a car manufacturer 15 years ago, those numbers are quite small compared to what Apple is doing today. There's also the issue of driver distraction if you built in iPad or equivalent into a dashboard.

    So while Apple might convince some car manufacturers to provide easier integration (with cables or mounts), I don't think a built-in car stereo/iPad is what we're talking about here.

    I agree with those who say that the term "revolutionary" is thrown around far too much these days. It's just hype.

    Precisely. So that's why our thoughts are blocked. Because we're not thinking in revolutionary ways. So how about this:

    No need for a screen in the car. You're driving. You also have a computer in your pocket. So how about the next revolutionary product being... SIRI. But not like you think. It's Siri all by itself (herself?). It's a nano sized button. That's it. Put it in your car. Press the button and ask. Put it in your office, on your fridge, in your bathroom. It communicates with iCloud, etc, so it knows everything about you and can search the web.

    It costs $99. Press it as you step into the shower and ask about your days schedule. Press it in the car and ask directions; then ask to be guided turn by turn...

    The possibilities are endless. In fact, put it on audio-aware and you don't even need to press the button.

    (Apple, to answer your next question, yes, I'd love to work for you. Find me through the fallow website godsnap.com.).
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    Originally Posted by Flaneur View Post

    Edit: I see thataveragejoe called you out on the big bad "Content Issue" above. Everybody says it's all about the content. Maybe not true?generally the more people say something is true, the less true it probably is. As you probably know, the rule in post-McLuhan media thought is that it's the medium that matters more than the content. A well-connected iPanel that's easy to use is going to find a world of content open up that is far beyond the canned programming from the Old Providers. Content in the old sense will be obsolete just as it is for internet-connected computers.

    Interesting... Can you elaborate on this "connectivity subsumes content" concept -- especially as it applies to the current stranglehold of bandwidth/accessability applied by the cablecos?

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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member
    I don't understand. Jonathan Ive & his team are doing a great job. Why having a big ego like STARK ruin the Apple aesthetic?

    There's no need for a marketing gimmick.
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    pokepoke Posts: 506member
    He did stuff for Microsoft before and it sucked.


    I have no idea why Apple would bring him in.
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    adonissmuadonissmu Posts: 1,774member
    I'm shocked that idiots are really using that photo as a way to discredit this guys design sense. You can't glean anything from a random photo that AI put on their site for effect.
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    dualiedualie Posts: 334member
    Whatever it is we'll probably have to log in with a unique secure password in order to use it.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post


    Consequently, I'm not a fan of the design of this ironic citrus squeezer. And fruit juice is bad for you.

    Not Apple juice
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    Originally Posted by WelshDog View Post

    Yes indeed.

    I am quite amazed at how many posters on this thread are still railing against the photograph and using it to criticize his designs. They seem to think it is a picture of his apartment and that the furniture is of his design and that he took the photo. Hilarious.

    Speaking for myself, I was face-palming based on that ridiculously silly looking speaker thing-y on which an iPod sits.

    Out of curiosity, I went and checked his furniture design: looks even funnier.

    But I guess there's no accounting for taste....
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,709member
    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    You are mixing up practicality with "design sense," most of your objections are practical ones in regards to what you see in that one picture and nothing to do with "design sense" at all. Then you criticise the photographer who took the one picture you base all this stuff on?

    Phillipe Starck is by all accounts a gigantic, a-hole, egomaniac, but he is also one of the most successful designers who ever lived and highly regarded by almost everyone in the field.

    The things I can't understand about this news, are:

    - Starck's reputation is built mostly on furniture design and household accessories so this only really makes sense if Apple is designing a lamp or a couch.

    - Ive is a designer of the same calibre, I don't understand why they would go to Starck and why Ive wouldn't be totally upset about that.

    - The most likely new product is the TV, but the best design for a TV is a simple black slab. there is literally nothing to "design" on a TV set except the internals.

    The photo might have looked much better as a large high res image where detail in the highlights and shadows were visible. At any rate - in terms of design any photo will do if it is deemed right from a design point of view. It could be out of focus yet 'perfect'.

    I agree there's something very odd about this whole thing and I personally find most of Philippe Starck's work 'over designed'. Too flamboyant and showy. That is just my opinion, of course, but as you said, Ive is the main man at Apple so why bring in another designer? Maybe they just get on well and wanted to work together. Stranger things have happened.

    As far as designing a flat screen goes - there is definitely a lot of 'design' that goes into that. The hard drive images that were posted above shows that. There is also the Porsche designed HD by Lacie. Its just a rectangular box with no features whatsoever, but it is pretty unique all the same.
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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,834member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Speaking for myself, I was face-palming based on that ridiculously silly looking speaker thing-y on which an iPod sits.

    Out of curiosity, I went and checked his furniture design: looks even funnier.

    But I guess there's no accounting for taste....

    Yeah the speaker thing is not his best work. And his furniture is hit and miss for me. A few pieces are great, many of them are just not targeted at me I think. Everyone should remember though that a designer like Stack (and other freelance types) don't work in a vacuum. The client has input and very often sets the starting point. Plus, he in particular is not trying to please everyone. That just isn't what he does with design. That's why his work elicits such a wide range of commentary. For sure, he thinks different. I would bet that is the real reason he was consulting with Apple (or maybe only Jobs directly). Simply to pick his brain.
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