Greenpeace projects giant images onto Apple HQ in protest for cleaner iCloud



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    john_l_ukjohn_l_uk Posts: 59member
    Of all companies Apple deserve to be in 'climate credit' - not only have they genuinly and thoughtfully considered the environmental impact of making, shipping and recycling their products but by creating iTunes as a digital marketplace for music they removed from the world the need to manufacture and ship millions of CDs, so Greenpiece should just get off their fat arses and choose a worthier target.
    I agree with everybody who points out that Greenpeaces aspirations are divorced from their actions. Unless the protesters walked or arrived on horseback to Cupertino, used a magic lantern fashioned from organically-grown, sustainably sourced materials, and powered it by acetylene or a dynamo. then they are almost certain to have used 'dirty energy'? Obviously they don't practise what they preach.
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    suddenly newtonsuddenly newton Posts: 13,808member
    k2director wrote: »
    Hippie losers.

    Now, now. If not for these losers, marijuana growers would be out of business.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Wonder if they drove to Apple. Wonder if they ALL drove Priuses and Teslas. Not that they're made with fully green energy, either. image


    I want a Tesla S, but not because I'm one of these environmentalist types. 

    Make sure you charge it up using a solar array, instead of fossil fuel or coal.

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    Originally Posted by JollyPaul View Post

    I would pay more attention to Greenpeace's shenanigans if it involved lots of hot naked women.

    Most of the Greenpeace womenare actually "shemale" -- even the paper bag over the head would complain about being used in that fashion..


    Can't you shoot (to kill) trespassers? Apple should mount some Gatlings on the roof...


    I'm usually anti-gun but in this case, I would gladly make an exception.

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    rgmenkergmenke Posts: 15member
    Green Peace is a organization in search of relevancy. They should change their name to Black Mail and use a pirate flag……. at least then they would be interesting.
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    jragosta wrote: »

    No, it's not legal. They're trespassing. In addition, Apple could make a case for tortuous interference with their business.

    While it might seem like tortuous interference to Apple; setting all those twists and turns aside, they would probably have the best bet at a lawsuit if they filed on the basis of tortious interference.
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