Apple to launch photo sharing functionality in iCloud at WWDC



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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple is expected to upgrade its iCloud service with new photo sharing functionality at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference in June, according to a new report.



    I don't care about sharing, I'd just like to be able to sync photos again.  Very frustrating. 


    Maybe we will be able to sync them with the cloud (without using Photostream), and then it won't matter that we can't do it with the computer anymore, or maybe they will bring back syncing to the computer.  Either would be good. 

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    Originally Posted by Porchland View Post

    Good to hear that Apple is focusing on photos in iCloud, but I'm more interested in being able to manage photos and folders with iCloud as the mother ship instead of my Mac.


    Basically, I want a photos version of iTunes Match, where everything lives in iCloud and I can download photos/folders whenever I want to whatever device I want.


    Unless you are just using the wrong term (folders), this will never happen.  Events, yes.  Journals, yes.  

    Folders and files ... never! :)

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    I hope they have other improvement for iCloud under the hood as well for the roll out. It just seems Apple isn't very capable of making good web services.
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    Originally Posted by macadam212 View Post

    I see this as being more of a replacement of MobileMe's gallery - than a social network - but hey everything is social these days. I think Apple care more about allowing people to do things with technology that they would in the real world - I'm not sure Apple is really motivated by creating a new Facebook. But what do I know - I don't work at Apple?

    Apple are creating a less centralised, more open alternative to Facebook and other social networks through integration with Twitter.



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    Originally Posted by Patranus View Post

    Photo sharing (IE Gallery) integrated with iPhoto is DESPERATELY needed before MobileMe expires.

    Its the only way elderly relatives can share photos because it is SO easy.  



    Email is even easier. 

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    macadam212 wrote: »
    I see this as being more of a replacement of MobileMe's gallery - than a social network

    It could be like a social network though. People subscribe to other people's Twitter feeds but you don't really get a wide-spread equivalent for photo albums. A thousand words is better than 140 characters (well, depending on who it's from).

    Say that Randy Ubillos has a bunch of adventure pictures he wants to share with the world, he can setup a public photo stream that people can join. Then, when he uploads some pics, those followers can be notified of the new album.

    Daily comic book art like Penny Arcade, Dibert, xkcd can be a public stream and monetised with iAds.

    There can be viewing permissions based on groups so you can have public and private streams, monetized or free. Families can be linked up so that whenever a grandson has his 1st birthday party, grandma gets a push notification on her iPad to check out the gallery.

    That functionality is a lot more useful than Ping because I don't think music is a very social thing. People have such individual tastes that building an entire social network around that has lmited appeal. That's why MySpace failed because it became about music. Facebook was about anything you wanted.

    It would be nice if Apple stopped using iTunes as the hub for everything too. I hate visiting a link in a browser and then it starts opening iTunes. There's no reason they can't have deeper OS integration if they can do it with Twitter. Say I have a work colleague and I want to drop them a picture, email isn't real-time enough and iChat isn't transparent enough. I should be able to click on a menu bar icon to create a message, drag a photo, attachment or audio track in and just ping it to someone without leaving the app I'm in. If their computer is off, it goes to iCloud and hits their phone or tablet or whatever.
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post


    Email is even easier. 

    You can't honestly think sending grandparents 30 individual emails with one photo each is more easy than creating a Phot Journal in Photo and sending them one email with a link instead.


    From that one link they can easily (and obviously) view all the photos on one page, view each photo individually, enjoy a slideshow and even download whatever ones they want to keep.  They even have the option of adding a bookmark (or keeping the email (or adding a bookmark) to view the photos whenever they want without the need to download anything or take up any HD space on their drives.


    Without a doubt, sharing a Photo Journal (or Web Gallery) link is a MUCH more desirable way to share photos than individual emails. 

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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    Still waiting for the ability to delete them from iCloud (not just a device)........


    If I can do it for my uploads on iTunes Match, why can't I do it for my "uploaded" photo stream photos?

    I wanted to see Photo Stream phased into a holding list for photos that have not been categorized into folders yet.  When I put a photo into a folder, I want it to drop out of Photo Stream; if I want to show someone Little Timmy's First Birthday Party, I'll just go to that folder rather than to Photo Stream.




    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    Unless you are just using the wrong term (folders), this will never happen.  Events, yes.  Journals, yes.  

    Folders and files ... never! :)

    No, I meant albums.

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    I REALLY hope Photos for iOS 6 will allow you to attach multiple photos to a single message and Mail for iOS 6 will allow you to do the same thing from within mail.


    That's No. 1 on my wishlist for BOTH apps.

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