Apple's next iMacs also rumored to receive Retina display upgrade



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    Where I live in Hong Kong, 16G of DDR3 1333 RAM by A-Data will set you back less than US$75.00 - just over £50.00, also, Apple products here are the cheapest in the World - about 30% less than UK Apple Store - given I reside in both HK & the UK, the idea of paying £70.00 for 16G RAM seems reasonable, particularly if purchased from eBay from a vendor actually based in Hong Kong.


    The only issue I have with impending iMac upgrade is will Apple move to DDR3 1600 RAM which is double the price of existing 1333 stock - whatever the case, have just sold my 2011 i7 27in iMac with 16G RAM installed, I'm in the market for upgraded 2012 model and if this comes with DDR3 1600 RAM will only increase it to 12G, unless of course Apple shock us and sell the new top end i7 with 8G RAM (2X4).


    For my purposes 12G RAM is enough - its the GPU I'm more concerned about and the reason for moving to Ivy Bridge on my end is simple - I want my iMac to last three years and the Ivy Bridge chip seems best placed to offer this timeframe due to less heat - heat being a major issue on the i7 27in model as I can attest too.

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