'Social Network' scribe signs on to adapt official Steve Jobs biography



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    bc kellybc kelly Posts: 148member

    Rule One of Films ...


    Team Game, with many 'interests' and 'forces' involved. Director, Writer, etc - only a part, and maybe a small part, perhaps very small part (unless we have a Hitchcock, Scorsese, Bergman, etc - but this ain't them, smile)


    We'll see how this group's effort works out, but hope it's not like the "Social Network/Facebook" movie. As a Film/Narrative/Story - that was practically step by step a rehash of "Pirates of Silicon Valley" but using the more Current Cast of Characters and Technology. Interesting and probably fairly accurate, but no where close to 'Art' - which is what Steve deserves, has earned.


    What's a Fer Sure - the other effort in the works, one with Steve played by Mr. Demi Moore - that will be a stinker, you betcha (wink wink).


    If truly want to do justice to Steve's Story, would be wise to follow up on what he gave us in that Stanford Commencement Speech - those 'ah-ha' moments in Life. Show us those - tell us THAT story about Him, not the standard schlock we'd get on the 6 o'clock News. Let us experience, with Steve - Think Different™




    Rule Two of Films (stories, myths, tales, legends, etc) ...


    Before you try to make someone into a "Hero God"

    First let the damn dirt settle over their grave


    (assuming he's still IN his grave - smile)



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    zenwaveszenwaves Posts: 88member
    People at Apple will be depicted as talking really fast while walking down long corridors...with a purpose! :lol:

    L-O-L !
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