Apple designer Jonathan Ive says current projects are his 'most important' work



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    Originally Posted by Mode View Post

    Your being obtuse.

    All design is borrowed design.

    What do you think Ives studied in industrial design? 'How to come up with truly unique ideas that have never been conceived before'.

    I don't that class exists.

    Do you even know what 'material design' is? Or do you think Ives invented aluminum as well?


    Go away fan boi


    No, I was being real.


    Soo you have a background in art or design do you? well let me know, I was just wondering if you can back up anything you just said.

    Seems that your arrogance has overtaken your intelligence, which apparently didn't take very much...

    All i was suggesting was that its a bit of a leap to say that Ive's designs are ripping off another persons work, using angles & lighting (smoke & mirrors) apparently can fool even this simplest of minds ;) (Ohh yeah i meant you, just thought id spell that out for you ;)  )

    Better luck next time :)

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    Originally Posted by not1lost View Post

    I will not put up with being called a lyre

    thumbs up hi look down.gif



    This forum gets more Pythonesque by the day!

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    Originally Posted by not1lost View Post


    I will not put up with being called a lyre when I KNOW what I am talking about.... GOOD BY!!!



    He even invented remote control. 

    Nikola Tesla patented one in 1898.


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    Hmm, so what do you think he was talking about? Apple Watch? Seems like it would either be that, or iterations on the iPhone and iPad.
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