Oracle seeking an injunction against Android as an "incompatible clone of Java"



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    Enjoying your humble pies, guys?






    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    I'm rooting for Oracle and Android should be shutdown and taken off the market, making it illegal for any manufacturer to make any device with Android on it. Don't be a thief, come up with your own shit.



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    YES!!! You go, Oracle!!! Time to finally fight back against the thieves!!!

    Those bastards at Google need to be taught a huge lesson. This certainly isn't the first thing Google has stolen & raped & pillaged:



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    I think the same thing as well. Android though was designed to infringe from the beginning. The google boys even admitted that back in the day.

    Windows 8, WebOS, iOS... they all made their own unique stuff. I have zero problem with them.

    Google really should be ashamed.



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    Either outcome is not good for Android and Google. If Google finally has to pay their fair share for ripping and using other people's intellectual property, then will Android still be free?

    If I were a smartphone maker other than Apple, I'd be looking and searching for alternatives other than Android.

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    edit: the content from this post was stolen from another site and reposted.

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