iTunes volume stuck!

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
So when I opened iTunes I saw my volume was at around 40% and I wanted to turn it up, but when I do it just goes back to the 40% mark immediately. I've restarted iTunes and my computer, searched for new updates and I can't come up with any solutions. Any help is appreciated!


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    Can't this be changed in options or am I mistaken?
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    I didn't see anything in the preferences. I restarted my computer again today and it started to work so I thought everything was good but after about 5 minutes the volume bar in the itunes window will just go all the way down and slowly creep back up to the 40% mark and stop there, not letting me turn it up or down. It almost seems like a virus or something but I have bought all my music off iTunes and just got this computer so I doubt it would be that.
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    Hey, I had this problem as well, and for me the problem was a result of installing the "Red Alarm Clock" widget which controls itunes volume.  When I deleted the widget itunes was all good.

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