Google Voice texts with Apple's Messages app?

in Genius Bar edited February 2014

How do I set up Apple's Messages app to send and receive my Google Voice texts?  Can this even be done?


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    vesves Posts: 3member

    As far as I am aware this cannot be done. Google appears to not even being further developing Google Voice like they did when it first came out. 

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    kdeamkdeam Posts: 2member

    You should use google voice's app for that


    App Store - Google Voice

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    I think he meant Apple's Messages app for Mac.  I would also like to integrate the two.  


    In the meantime, though, there's Growl Voice.  Allows you to text/call using your Google Voice number, and lives in the menubar.  Very convenient since we can't (as far as I know) use Google Voice with the native Messages app. 

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