'Project Butter' to improve responsiveness in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean



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    Originally Posted by fredaroony View Post

    Tell that to all the 3GS users after they updated to iOS5 image

    iOS 5 hosed both of my 3GS' UI performance. I since upgraded to the iPhone 4S and gave my old phones to my kids to abuse, but still, I wonder how iOS 6 will run on the 3GS.

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    Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post

    If Google could find some type of congruency with all of its products and decide upon a clear path it would commit to, they could take over the lead even in the computer market.


    Uh... what? I wasn't really into this Android vs. iOS stuff but when you said Google's gonna lead the computer market - I call BS. Hell, Google was suppose to make the web better but lately they just lost focus. Who cares about making docs in the web? If they can't take good care of their own vision, how the hell would they take care of anything especially computer OS?


    At least Apple attempts to put OSes (their main vision) in nearly everything they touch - there was even rumors when Steve Jobs was alive, he was interested putting Apple OS in cars.

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    Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post


    Whored out?    Climb down from the ledge.   You're getting dizzy.   MacOS X itself, is based on FreeBSD - an open source version of Unix/Linux.  And yet Apple has been able to make something quite nice out of it.   I won't assume that Google can't do the same.

    ANY TIME you release an OS to OEMs and thus relinquish control of it (at a critical stage) is a loud and clear declaration that you really don't give a sh*t about it. In other words, you no longer care what OEMs do with it and how it runs on their devices. This is the HIGHEST form of disrespect anyone can have for their own product. 


    Google are in the mess they're in today with Android because they have no respect for their own product or the end-user that has to live with it day-in, day-out.


    Yeah, I'm getting dizzy. I'm getting dizzy from the way Apple a) actually gives a damn about their product, and b) goes the extra mile *early on* to make sure that they absolutely nail the most basic elements of their OS.


    Apple's business is to spoil users. Google's business is ads.

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    Originally Posted by fredaroony View Post

    lol it's not like the iPhone has never had lag...even my iPhone 4 would lag sometimes let alone a earlier model.


    My iPhone 4 is slow as thick shit. Lag is a polite word to describe what ALL my applications that used to work very well now do on a regular basis. So Apple better get their act together, unless they are just writing off YET ANOTHER  GENERATION of iPhone after less than two years on the market.


    Which is exactly what they have been doing to the rest of their hardware as well. If you don't have an SSD in your Mac don't bother running Lion: they didn't design lion for such old fashioned storage devices.

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    Originally Posted by Postulant View Post

    I kinda expected the 3GS to lag when updating to iOS5. But who expects their newly released Tegra 3, quad core phone to lag? That's just sad.

    I have not noticed reviewers complaining about sluggishness with the Tegra 3's based Android devices. Has that been an issue?


    Also, it took Mac OS X until 10.2 for Apple to finally fix their UI performance issues.

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    Originally Posted by sleepy3 View Post



    I wonder what features from Jelly Bean we will see Apple "Borrow" in iOS7. Just like Apple does with every android release. 


    Multi-tasking, voice commands, pull down notification, sharing, attatching photos in e-mail without going to gallery, turn by turn navigation, etc. 



    Isn't open source free to use, like Android and Chrome using webkit?


    So what.

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    Originally Posted by redbarchetta View Post


    Sure, just like Apple admitted Android had a better notifcation system for years.


    Not "years." More like three months.  

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    I don't see what's wrong with it.

    Apple pushes out updates to increase the performance of their devices too.

    What's the issue?

    You're kidding, right?

    Apple didn't need to "declare war on laginess."
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    Google doing a remake of Last Tango in Paris...


    Android customers play the part of Jeanne


    Google plays the part of Paul


    ... and Butter plays itself.

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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post


    Apple's business is to spoil users. Google's business is ads.



    Both Apple and Google are in the same business:  Take money out of your pocket and put it in theirs.

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    So, the version after Jelly Bean is going to be Butter Bean?

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    Did google really improve speed of OS, or just put 2x more CPU horse power on it with a 45% screen space. the real test would be a retina capable 10" Tablet on a 2 core CPU, equivalent of iPADs.

    Not taking merit on the N7 which compared to iPod Touch current limited CPU and smaller screen looks better. the tree devices follow somewhat different users. 

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    This is great news for us non-android users. Thank you AndroidInsider!

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    Originally Posted by fredaroony View Post

    My One X has a tegra 3 and I havent noticed any lag at all.

    Interesting.  I wonder why they needed to dedicate an entire project to fixing an issue that doesn't exist.  Unless HTC already solved the problem independently on their own.

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    Originally Posted by MaroonMushroom View Post

    It's great that the there will be 4 devices with it at a year and a half after launch too.

    Fixed that for you.


    Oh, and btw, Butter is good, but it's a bandaid.  It doesn't address the underlying issue of priority scheduling that is the cause of the lag.  Apple nailed it by allowing animation to trump all else.  Unless Android does the same, they'll only ever end up with an optimized problem.

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    Originally Posted by markbyrn View Post

    Apple would it call bug fix or a service release. Google want you to think it's a feature not to have lag, and so they call it "Project Butter" - a laughable euphemism.


    Hmm, have you forgotten Snow Leopard already? An OS release which main function was to remove bloat and increase the performance of MacOS X.

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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    "Project Butter" to correct the basics that should have been nailed from Day 1, and which Apple made it their business to perfect, and did it very early on.


    Are you jesting us? Have you forgotten the performance of the original iPhone address book? If you had more than a couple dozen contacts it slowed to a crawl. Have you forgotten the spinning beachball of death, present in the MacOS X finder for nearly a decade? Have you forgotten the time required for the iPhone to get a GPS lock up until the iPhone 3GS? Did you never use AppleTV, with its performance problems? Have you forgotten the original iPod, with its atrocious sync performance (even over firewire!)


    Yes Apple, just like Google, worked to fix those problems. But to claim that Apple makes it their business to have perfection from day 1 is revisionism at its finest.


    I've owned and used Macs since the Plus, iPods since the original 5GB, iPhones since the original, and iPads since the first version. Every single one of these products has had performance issues.


    Kudos to Google for making UI smoothness issues a priority. Real Apple fans should celebrate the competition, instead of mocking it.

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    Both Apple and Google are in the same business:  Take money out of your pocket and put it in theirs.


    However, Apple does it by creating great products that millions of people want to buy (and that competitors blindly copy).

    Google does it by selling all your private information to the highest bidder and by cluttering the Internet with their ugly ads.

    Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Originally Posted by igxqrrl View Post


    Are you jesting us?




    Not at all. This "Project Butter" shows exactly where Google's priorities are: not the User Experience.




    Originally Posted by igxqrrl View Post


    Real Apple fans should celebrate the competition, instead of mocking it.




    You call THIS "competition"?  It's market flooding and channel-stuffing, with OEMs stuck in a race to the bottom. 

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