iCloud Beta site reveals new web-based Notes, Reminders



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    Do i really need faux wood on all of my apps?


    someone once said: "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them"



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    So, when does everybody think Mountain Lion will be slinking onto our Macs?

    July 31.



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    July 27th.



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    July 25th, day after the Quarterly, like last year.


    Thanks for the suggestions, guys!


    Now I know to dial my enthusiasm back a bit until we start getting towards the end of the month.


    Apple keynotes, software, and hardware releases: I've worked in I.T. for over ten years and never got excited about anything coming out until I bit into the big Apple.


    Who's clever idea was it to make technology enjoyable?

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    I honestly don't know if this is why, but Apple ends it's third financial quarter in late June. Maybe it's to avoid that confusion. I like the way Procter & Gamble refers to the quarters...JFM, AMJ, JAS, OND (Jan/Feb/March, etc.).



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    Quarters are a tricky one, cause financial quarters and tax quarters all start at very different times in different companies and countries.  Maybe the easiest thing to give us is an actual month, or if that's too much of an exact, Mid 2012 will do.


    These both work for me far better than seasons.

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    Originally Posted by GTR View Post


    Who's clever idea was it to make technology enjoyable?

    George Taylor, MD, 1800's image

    You'll have to look that one up to understand. 

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    A bit off-topic, but Find my iPhone is of no use if the person stealing the phone has simply turned it off.


    This happened to me last year. My iPhone 4 was pinched, and the thief simply turned it off. If Apple would change iOS so that your PIN is required to turn the phone off, that would help somewhat. Doing a hard reset should also require your PIN so that the scallywag can't go down that route.

    Huh, the iPhone belonging to one of my parents was stolen out of their car and Find My Phone quickly lead the the police to the location of and resulted in the arrest of the thief.

    (Grand theft over an iPhone is pretty stupid)


    That being said, Apple needs to implement the feature with UUID so it can be tracked even if the phone is wiped.

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    johndoe98 wrote: »
    Doesn't iPhoto's Journals accomplish what Galleries did? As for iDisk, I agree some kind of replacement would be nice, but I think we will have to make do with the iCloud stuff given in ML, or simply use DropBox.

    I had six family accounts with maxed iDisk storage. I used them for my legal files - making them available anywhere. .MOV video depos took up lots of space (usual Federal case has 12-24 depos, 6-8 hrs long - you have tons of data from just one case!) along with pleadings, transcripts, scans of exhibits - well, I darn near kept all iDisks full as case after case went by.

    Dropbox is limited in size to 55 Gig and you need to use client-side encryption. Box.net can provide the same space as the $1.2k/yr 1.2 Tb my six family iDisk accounts had, for about five times the price. The same applies to everybody else.

    I have a 32 TB array (4 LaCie 8 TB drives at RAID 2) hanging off of my Snow Leopard server (dang Apple for making Lion Server so dumb - I can't upgrade and iCloud does not play nicely with my server).

    A real iDisk replacement would be greatly appreciated.
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