Front & back panel purportedly from Apple's next iPhone captured on video



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    sunsun Posts: 5member
    Sexy looking! Somehow, it reminds me of a Porsche Panamera...lean, lithe, sexy...

    Love the way that you can still use it with one hand, and gosh, it's lean. Can't wait!
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    christophb wrote: »
    Going to be tough to make the claim this is photoshop'd.

    It's not photoshop. It's a guy in a monkey suit. Don't believe everything you see on video :lol:
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    Notice also he's a multi-account troll and you should disregard everything he has ever said.
    Help me out, what other screen names are his? I don't want to leave any unblocked.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,286member


    Originally Posted by diplication View Post

    Help me out, what other screen names are his? I don't want to leave any unblocked.

    Pretty sure he only has the one current one.

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    lvidallvidal Posts: 158member
    I don't like it. At least not what we are looking at. I hope that isn't. The 4 looks better than that. I hope that we all are being fooled.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by diplication View Post

    Help me out, what other screen names are his? I don't want to leave any unblocked.


    All the others are banned, so no worries. ConradJoe, I Am A Zither Zather Zuzz, and Hyram Gestan so far.

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    rpsxrpsx Posts: 46member


    Originally Posted by AdonisSMU View Post

    The design is not good. It doesn't look like a 4" screen at all. I was hoping for a 16:9 4" screen... Apple really isn't interested in giving people what they want. Sometimes you have to bend to the will of the consumer. It sure woud've been nice to have a big screen iPhone.


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    i think it totally looks like a 16:9 screen. in the stills i wasn't quite sure, but it this video it looks very much like a long screen. the whole device shown in the video looks slightly longer in proportion to current releases. 


    and, elongating the screen vs just making a bigger screen completely fits with apple's philosophy. i think a number of people have determined that the current physical width of the iPhone screen works for the greatest number of one handed phone operators... and, here, the same. however, more vertical space to tap. smart. 

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    antkm1antkm1 Posts: 1,441member

    many comments about screen aspect and "perfect" sizing of the phone.

    well here's my 2 cents:


    It's a funny thing, but when I look at my 3G, the screen size seems more than adequately sized and the shape is very comfortable in my hand.  I love holding the 3G for this reason.  It doesn't require a protective case (unless you're prone to dropping it) and IMO was the best SHAPE for the phone.  But, the opposite happens when I use my iP4.  The screen looks strangely too small, it's heavier, and it's really not comfortable to hold.  I require a case on it because i've dropped it more in the first month of use than i have the total of years i've owned the 3G (currently use it abroad).  Perhaps it's because the 3GS has a wider bezel and the screen aspect seems to compliment the overall shape of the phone better than the iP4(s) does.  OR, could be my crazy perception of the two when compared side-by-side.  Just seems like ever since i got my iP4, I wanted a bigger screen.  Could also be because I got my iPad 2 at the same time as the iP4 but it just seems like the perceived size of the 4's screen is a tad smaller than the 3G.  It could also be that the retina display creates less ghosting around the pixels so everything on the screen appears a tad smaller due to the precise-ness of the resolution too.  or a combination of all those.  Regardless, I'm all for a larger screen.


    other comments about usability between a 16:9 and 3:2 screen.  I tend to agree with the 3:2 people.  I don't see how typing texts and emails on a 16:9 would be any better, quite the contrary.

    I might be a unique user, but here's the top 10 things i use my iPhone for: (in order)



    1. Checking email

    2. texting

    3. solitare or other mindless games while on the subway or waiting-room type stuff.

    4. iPod/podcasts

    5. timer/alarm

    6. weather


    7. viewing/taking photos

    8. Calculator

    9. movie times (trailers app)

    10. telephone calls


    Now, some of these use typing in landscape.  I really don't see how a 16:9 display makes typing any easier.  in fact, at the current portrait width (which is the rumored width) won't make anything easier, expect games and video and possibly photos.  So 50% of the above functions are used in landscape mode.  While it might be great for landscape, it's certainly not good at all (or at the very least any better) in portrait. So, to me, it's not enough to warrant changing the current screen aspect.


    But, all these leaked images look pretty legit, so be it.


    I probably won't update my hardware this year anyway.  I usually don't update until the latest firmware will no longer support on my current phone.  And I suspect the iP4 will be supported for at least another two years...since iOS 6 still supports the 3GS.

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    Originally Posted by Ryuk View Post

    After looking at this video I think It's real the other post I could say it was photo shop but this my dude I really think it's the real deal .. The question i have is the back panel made out of Liquidmetal or just aluminum ? If its the metallic glass this would make this phone the best ever ... I know some of you think it looks ugly but I love the new look I can't Wait to see what the hardware is like I guessing NFC and a huge upgrade in ram

    I agree, they managed to find a look that looks just as premium as the glass back of the current generation. Who cares if they don't look too different. you cant perfect perfection further

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