Apple wants to wipe Google off the map with iOS 6



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    Originally Posted by Wovel View Post

    Wipe off the map was a punny headline. I think you missed the pun image


    maybe not, but he definitely missed the punt of the headline...

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    Originally Posted by Chairman Mao View Post

    So besides eliminating Google map, are they eliminating the Google search engine which is on iOS 5 Safari now and use the crappy Yahoo which has too many information on their search engine page?

    I just tested Yahoo Search Engine word......CRAP!


    What other search engine is better than Google at the moment folks? Please tell me........


    That's a pretty huge supposition right there. It might be better not to extrapolate so far into the realm of "fantasy"… especially if you find the result upsetting. What's the point of that?


    Besides, "Apple is switching to a different source for their maps data", is not quite the same as "Apple is ditching Google whole cloth, leaving their users with nothing but second rate web services…"


    Doesn't sound very Apple-esque, now does it...


    So you can breathe… :)


    Besides, there's nothing to prevent you using the Google Search app, or using the ...




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    Originally Posted by macosxp View Post

    I agree with you. I remember how Google Chrome was the #1 app for a while too, but this is even more extreme. I don't feel like Apple will let the old app stay on in the app store though... But there is a possibility (depending on how much control Apple has over actual map detail and how much control they give to Tom Tom and the like) that in iOS 7 Apple will improve map features and detail.


    The old [current] iOS maps app is an Apple app -- it just uses Google data and images.

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    Originally Posted by nht View Post

    If street view is that important and Google wont license maybe Navteq (Nokia) will or perhaps they can get it via Bing Maps or Yahoo.


    Bing/Yahoo may insist that they become the default search engine though.  Or Apple can offer $12B to Nokia for Navteq and Nokia will make a few billion off the sale (paid $8.1B) and double their cash on hand...which if they don't want to sell themselves to MS is a decent deal.


    Here's the streetside schedule:



    If they can license the street slide implementation from MS it'll actually be far more usable than Street View:



    Two years old and still pretty cool.  I wonder if it's in Bing Maps yet.  Pretty danged stupid if it isn't.  Works on the iPhone...heh.


    What's with the trolls?  Apple maps have to do x, y and z or you wont update to iOS 6?  Lack of streetview will make folks move to Android?  That's pretty damn transparent.



    Wow!  Street Slide is definitely superior to Google Street View!  Thanks for the post!

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    Originally Posted by mrstep View Post


    Google really stuck a knife in Apple's back, and I'd be shocked if Apple isn't looking for just about any path to remove Google from its devices as a preset - whether out of sense of betrayal (as it seemed Jobs had) and/or just in order not to have dependencies on what is now their major mobile OS competitor!




    So much for Apple choosing User Experience over economic factors.  

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple hopes it can help push Google quite literally off the map.



    I had to laugh.

    They hope to literally push Google off the map.


    So... somewhere there is a map. Lets say it's a paper map, because it's hard to stand on a phone. Google is literally on it... not an icon representing Google, but Google themselves. He didn't say 'figuratively'.


    And Apple wants to push them off it.


    Like... lets say Google was a big truck, because it's hard to have a building standing on a map. The google truck rolls over the map, and Apple is a ... car... trying to push Google off. But Google isn't a truck... maybe a company is really all its people... so all of Google's staff is literally standing on a map, and all of Apple's people are literally pushing them off the map. Maybe that works... :)


    And I wonder what the map is of. Maps are a representation of something, so it sounds like it's a map of the maps apps perhaps.


    I think Daniel didn't want us to take the word 'literally' quite literally.

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    bsenkabsenka Posts: 799member
    gbdoc wrote: »
    The problem may lie more with legends than with navis. I've been using TomToms, both as a dedicated device and on my iPhone for years, all over Europe and North America, and have very rarely been mis-directed. It has happened a few times, though, and is really frustrating, but that problem is due to my own dumbed-downness, due to the problem described above. C'mon, if these things were so notoriously bad, no one would be using them, and they'd go the way of the Edsel. Fact is, navis, any of them, are head and shoulders better than Google Maps for navigation.

    I've used several different navigation devices and apps, and I've yet to find one that doesn't give questionable instructions at least 25% of the time. Flat out wrong ones come up about 10% of the time in my experience. The most common mistake I see is giving a location on the wrong side of a river, far from a convenient crossing point. Less common, but still happens often enough that I've seen it a few times, is the GPS meticulously directing you to a location that is several miles away from your actual destination.
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    It is just replacing the default app, but that doesn't mean that Google will be gone for good. people just won't be able to use the services by default.

    There will be pros and cons with each company's interpretation of what is important in mapping. The best part here is we will see a faster development in mapping as one company attempts to one-up each other

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    Originally Posted by Pooch View Post

    two words: street view. walking directions.

    Add Transit Directions to that list...

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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post


    Think of how people managed in the thousands of years before we had these things.


    If you were in 16th century Spain you would have been one of the one's calling Columbus crazy for wanting to go where there were no maps.


    Here's to the crazy ones and boo to the lazy ones.


    I navigate best with a paper map and a compass personally although I'm quite happy exploring sans map, I wouldn't ever want to explain to a mountain rescue team that "they got by without maps thousands of years before we had these things" to justify why they had been called out to rescue me from a national park. 


    Using your logic we shouldn't use any technology that helps us?   I'm not saying I can't live without Street View, I'm not saying others can't live without StreetView; I'm saying it's a really valuable time-saving feature that I have available to me now and don't want to lose for the sake of being able to "flyover" some US cities I've never been to.   

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