Samsung to invest $4 billion in Texas iPhone, iPad chip plant



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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Of course, even if you were correct and the gross margin were only 35% ...



    Apple expert witness testimony stated the figure to be around 35%


    which is pretty close to 



    i didn't make up the numbers

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    Originally Posted by uguysrnuts View Post

    There is no question about Samsung's technical and supply chain capability. However, Samsung can be likened to a former buddy who:

    1. sleeps with your wife in front of you

    2. denies doing anything wrong

    3. accuses you of sleeping with his wife and therefore rationalizes it's a fair trade

    But yes, as we all already know, business is business.

    Off tangent I know, but this company's less than ethical practices simply disgust me.


    It's in Samsung's DNA. It's almost natural for them.





    Yeah. A golf bag. 

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    emacs72 wrote: »

    Please try to follow along. Start by learning the difference between a CPU and a mobile phone.

    Apple was estimating the gross margin on Samsung's mobile devices and 35% is a reasonable number.

    The discussion was about Samsung's margin on the electronic components that they sell to Apple - and the industry average is closer to 65%. Unless Samsung is hopelessly incompetent at manufacturing electronics devices, they're probably close to the industry average.
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    emacs72 wrote: »

    was this average of "40% gross margin" ever published and verified someplace?

    incidentally: in 2011, Samsung Electronics (not Samsung Group) revenue was 165 trillion KWR (or $143.7 billion Canadian in revenue and $14.2 billion in operating profit).

    as such, the Apple deal accounts for about six (6) percent of Samsung Electronics revenue or less than four (4) percent revenue for Samsung Group.

    mausz wrote: »
    I doubt Samsung makes 40% gross margin on Apple products... Apple has been known to 'squeeze' its suppliers.

    galbi wrote: »
    Talk about making up numbers.


    In other news, this Austin plant produces more than just logic chips and logic chips for Apple.

    It also produces NAND flash memory and DRAM chips.

    You guys new here? This is what jrag does. No arguing with him- he's never Wrong. Don't believe me? Just ask him.

    Even in his other posts asking for a source, he just mentions other companies and doesn't answer the question. He will even give links, and fight with you forever but never have Amy proof or anything substantial except "his word". It's comical. He really does defend anything he writes- even when proven wrong.
    Heck- he said 70% of samsungs profit (7B of 10B) is because of Apple- so 8% of business is 70% of profits... what a joke.

    The other 3B comes from tvs, tablets, phones, mp3 players, memory/storage, security systems/cameras, computers, DVR, video cameras, Blu ray players, sound systems, speakers, photo cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, medical equipment, ovens, microwaves, and all their other semi-conductor business.
    Apple is the other 70%.

    His numbers are beyond stupid when you look at what he's saying.
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    Originally Posted by al_bundy View Post

    GF has had its own issues with AMD. forgot the technical details but apparently there are several different ways to make CPU's as to the order in which you burn the transistors onto the die. what's interesting is that you have to design the CPU according to the method you're going to use to manufacture it. AMD and GF were using incompatible methods and it caused problems and delays.


    other than the fact that Apple doesn't have their own CPU. they take Samsung's design and modify it. they can't just send their tapes to TSMC and order 100 million CPU's. there are lots of technical challenges to get around first


    You are referring to Gate First and Gate Last Approach. Yes the SoC has to been specifically designed ( or tweaked depends on how you view it ) for each foundry. That is why the Qualcomm's deal with GF and Samsung were nothing but a signal to TSMC, because economically does not make sense for QualComm to design its SoC for three different Foundry.


    I used to think Apple's SoC were Samsung Design and Modify it. But that has long been true for a while ever since Samsung design to stick with ARM's Mali GPU while Apple has been using PowerVR.

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Please try to follow along. Start by learning the difference between a CPU and a mobile phone.


    you were called out for stating incorrect information; just admit you're wrong.  we all do that from time to time, seriously.

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    Originally Posted by emacs72 View Post


    you were called out for stating incorrect information; just admit you're wrong.  we all do that from time to time, seriously.

    lol... best of luck getting that request.  Some people can't be wrong even when everyone else is saying they are.  He will now quote you and defend how he never said incorrect information- then proceed to link several webpages that have margins or claims for company X, this website says this about company Y, etc.  All the while not giving one link of actual Samsung margins.  In other words- he reaches in his butt, grabs a present, puts frosting on it, and tells you it's a cookie.  At the core of it- there is no proof and its nothing more than big bag of "present".

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    Made in the USA......??


    Originally Posted by MacCentric View Post

    While I am happy that this plant and production is based in the US, I would still rather that Apple use another company for this work. 



    Originally Posted by Blastdoor View Post


    Problem with that theory is that most of the products into which Samsung chips are inserted are assembled in China or elsewhere in Asia. So putting a fab in TX means shipping the chips to China, putting them in a product, and then shipping the product back to the US. It would be likely easier to just build the chips in Korea. 


    It seems to me that the main advantage of being in Austin is that's where Apple's CPU people are. I guess a secondary advantage might be the Austin labor market.

    But getting down to how the dynamics of production are going to shift DRAMATICALLY across MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS based on developing tech trends....  ..Misa is on it.....


    Originally Posted by Misa View Post

    Apple has enough money that they could produce everything in the US if they wanted to, but they'd have to do it with robots, not people.

    Now check out this article for where the world of the future and the present are going to collide in ways no one can fully predict - somewhere between "John Henry, Steel Drivin' Man,"  "I, Robot" and "Return of the Luddites."  I know I'd only walk in groups through some neighborhoods in the semi-nearish future if I were some robots...'s always a mixed thrill when even the semi-dystopian sci-fi predictions of my youth start to become fact, as so many have (and continue to increasingly).....


    Robots are taking mid-level jobs, changing the economy

    "What we're finally seeing is that our digital helpers aren't just catching up to us, but, in some cases, are passing us," said Andrew McAfee, an MIT economist and co-author of the book Race Against the Machine. "In some head-to-head contests, machines have raced past us."


    "We thought human beings held the high ground in a lot of these areas," McAfee said. "We looked around and suddenly saw computers doing things they weren't supposed to be good at it ... We're going to see computers, robots doing a lot of jobs that humans are holding today."


    In other words, PRODUCTION could return to the US without bringing too many JOBS with it......  ...although we're not the world leader in many robotics fields either.....

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