Apple fully abandons disliked 'Genius' TV ads



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    These are just tacky. They focus on an almost cartoon like Apple employee to advertise service as opposed to focusing on the product with service as a supporting feature. I just find it to be a weird approach overall.

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    At least Apple moves (usually) quickly when they trip over themselves....  ...unlike say, MS, which somehow still has Steve Ballmer in the big chair despite hundreds of missteps, major and minor, over the years.....

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    I'm pretty sure the head of retail has little input on Apple's TV advertising.



    Originally Posted by c4rlob View Post

    I know we're not supposed to compare Steve to Tim, but I think it's safe to say these ads are the best example of something Steve Jobs probably would have rejected!


    I thought of the "Genius" ads that they pointed out "one more way" Apple was different from the competition and played up an important aspect of the retail stores. Because of this, John Browett may well have requested these advertisements. While the ads were stinkers in some ways, was the 50,000 customers a day being helped by Apple genii a result of these ads? Or is the recent revelation that so many customers are helped each day a continuation of the focus on this unique and important part of the Apple ecosystem???


    Most important, in my mind, is that Apple is willing to try new things and is not locked too tightly into a ""What would Steve do?" mindset. Making safe, brief forays outside of the way things were done is a good healthy sign of a live and vibrant corporate culture.

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    They weren't bad ads, and more importantly they were Mac ads.  I'm glad Apple used a tiny fraction of their massive ad budget to pitch something other then iPads and iPhones.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see no Mac TV ads in the next 3 months (or longer), and that would be a shame.  I'd prefer they keep these ads in rotation over a Macless alternative (ok, except for that baby-on-the-way one; that was a dude).

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    Tim Cook said after Jobs death that there will be no changes at Apple.


    So if Steve Jobs micro manages everything, he also micro manages also. This is a failure of Tim Cook's taste. He needs some advisor that have better taste in things.

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    Originally Posted by makingdots View Post

    Tim Cook said after Jobs death that there will be no changes at Apple.


    Absolutely nothing like this was ever said.

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    Worst campaign ever. 


    Isn't the new stores guy from the UK? Might explain the obtuse humour (sic). 

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    This might have been an attempt at mimicking the "I'm a Mac" ads, but poorly done: it made Mac users look like inept imbeciles. Sure, everyone needs help sometimes, but these were over the top. Glad to see these go.
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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    Cute- but awful for apple.

    Let's make a cute way to help people when they are having problems? I thought apples whole strategy is that you rarely need help because you rarely (if ever) have problems.

    It just works is a much better strategy. And actually more accurate.


    No clue what you're talking about. The people in the ad weren't having actual hardware/software problems. They just needed help learning all the features of the built in software.  Do you HONESTLY think most people that buy a mac for the 1st time will instantly know their way around Keynote, iPhoto, etc? No. It's why the Apple store is always full with a ton of people getting their new computers set up and being taught about OSX and the built in apps. Thats the reality, and its what the ad was trying to get across. That if you need help, you're in a unique position if you buy an Apple products because they have physical stores where you can actually get free, one on one help so that you can learn and be empowered to do the things you want to do. This opportunity simply does not exist with any other company. Does this mean it was a fantastic ad? No. But the premise was fine, and in no way contradicts Apple's products, their philosophy, or their image. 

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    makingdots wrote: »
    Tim Cook said after Jobs death that there will be no changes at Apple.

    Please provide a source for that. I don't think it ever happened.

    What DID happen is that Jobs told Cook not to constantly ask "what would Steve do?" and to rely on the skills and experience of the management team. That's entirely different than suggesting that there will never be changes.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple has completely moved on from its short-lived "Genius" television ads by removing them from both its official website and the company's official YouTube account.


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    Agreed. He doesn't fit. The reason he looks like an odd choice is because he is an odd choice.
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    johntwolff wrote:
    Out of curiosity, which VP got to approve these?  Was it Schiller in Marketing, or Browett in Retail Sales?

    Schiller has final say, now, according to Segall.
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    I know, I know

    I read the biography,


    But I'll be damned if I did not wish that what Steve Really Said,

    to his entire management team and the "culture" at Apple,

    was actually.


    "Hey team, under my helm, and because I micro-managed every freaking detail of this company, we had Huge Success for the past 15 years!!!


    So Don't EVER be afraid to ask yourselves !!"


    " What the [email protected]#$ would Steve do ?"

    ....."And then you will know what to do, ....So you don't embarrass Apple or me."




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    Originally Posted by JohnTWolff View Post

    #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    Out of curiosity, which VP got to approve these?  Was it Schiller in Marketing, or Browett in Retail Sales?


    Anyone out there have an Apple org chart—not a guess, but an actual org chart?  Were these to turn out to be a Browett choice, coupled with the latest staffing snafu, I'd say we have an internal hiring disaster surpassing l'affair Papermaster.




    Here's an org chart per


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    Originally Posted by Synergi View Post

    They looked more like something Dell would make and I thought Dell did it better before they fire Steven. I liked Steven, even though I hate Dell lol..


    I thought the ads were made by Samsung... 

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    That was Krazee Eyez Killa.

    [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
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    The guy who used to do the Dell Adds.  "dude your gonna get a dell".  He was hired to direct these adds.  Now he has been laid off and is applying for a job with Syria President to distribute propaganda pamphlets saying "Dude God is great."

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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    That was Krazee Eyez Killa.

    Muther fucker, mother fucker, mutha fucka, muthers fuckers.  Mother muther mother mother fucker fuckers ****.

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    Josh Rabinowitz, the actor, was incredibly adorable.

    The commercials highlighted the great things you can do with Apple and the great support system (the Apple Genius).

    The stories were cute and frantic, really out there.

    And people who were offended…WTF? Let's turn the tables alittle bit since 95% of these comments are "Thank god". What the hell is wrong with your perception that you could be offended by these whimsical commercials? Or better yet, why are they so "un-apple"? You guys really know Apple that well? You'd rather go back to PC bashing commercials?

    It's clear they want to drive people into the physical stores and they want people to know the advantages of mac and that they can get their questions answered. So what gives America? (p.s. I'm American but this kind of "outrage" over something so stupid is so American...)
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