Apple seeds first OS X 10.8.2 beta with Facebook integration



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    Originally Posted by daving313 View Post

    See what?  It's just another account you can add in a list?


    And in every situation sharing or moving files is possible, regardless of if you've logged in.

    Are you against Apple for having a GMail logo? AOL logo? for when you go to add an account.


    See, THIS makes sense. THIS is not what I'm talking about. The fact that I see the options of services in which I have no interest regardless of if I use them or not is what bothers me.


    They may as well push out the entire service list in System Preferences everywhere on the OS, regardless of if I use any of it. If they're going to whore themselves out to social networking, better whore out to every service imaginable, too.

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    cash907cash907 Posts: 893member


    Originally Posted by logandigges View Post

    Time to update the block list. I don't tolerate pirates.


    Time to pull the stick out.

    A) I pay for a dev account.

    B) It's not piracy if the update is free anyway. If they want to mess around with dev preview software without the support of the dev community in case it messes up their system, what do you care?

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    liskiliski Posts: 6member

    Good to see that we can finally use our mobile number as the Caller ID within iMessage.

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    Originally Posted by Yosh01 View Post

    What's with all the Facebook integration?  I avoid anything that asks for my Facebook account info because I don't want Facebook compiling information about me.  I'm always surprised and alarmed when I visit a web site and see my facebook profile picture.  It's scary.  Apple's getting into bed with Twitter and Facebook seems adolescent to me and the one thing that could send me back to the more "adult" oriented Windows.

    Well, you could do what many of us adults did a couple years ago, and thats unsubscribe, delete, and anything else you can do to get away from Facebook. Personally, I think its beyond comprehension, that Facebook is allowed to place cookies on your computer, at every web site that has their little logo on it, but they do.

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    But you do see it.

    daving313 wrote: »
    Huh?  It's an optional integration.  You don't have to login if you don't want to.  Apple's not forcing you to do anything.

    When you have long-since abandoned antisocial-media like Twit/FB/Goo+ the ability to block all such sharing links would be much appreciated.

    Worryingly, Apple are not leading the way in this field. They should be abandoning such outdated technologies and bringing in better alternatives. Instead Apple are trying to enter an already ailing ecosystem that is struggling attain even medium term profitability and its users is just waiting for a responsible, secure ad-free alternative to come along.

    Apple should be concentrating on making Messages a non-intrusive and safe meeting/sharing ecosystem and quickly making it open to any platform so that they would really bring real social connectivity (if users want it) not trying to hook in to services that have no real future and they cannot control.
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    Re: Safari 'Email a page': I wish Safari would add back the ability to send a web link as well as a page in the share menu. Sending the entire page is slow and doesn't work for many recipients and confuses others. I liked it as an option but I cannot understand the removal of the 'send a link'.
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