BMW designer says Apple made white the most popular color for car buyers



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    Consider the mindshare Apple must have when an inexpensive consumer electronic is the foundation for a purchase that cost several 10s of thousands of dollars. Crazy!
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    I agree. 


    Btw, have you seen the new X6 in white? wow


    Oh and matte black is the trend for luxury cars.

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    Originally Posted by WelshDog View Post

    Knowing that BMW is a very serious car company and knowing that they don't leave any decisions to random chance in their business I think it is safe to say that even though McGill offered no proof, the statement he made is most likely backed by research on BMW's part.  I worked for a while with the BMW USA ad agency and that car company knows everything about their customers.  Huge amounts of research is done to know what they want and why.  Everything BMW did regarding advertising and branding was totally buttoned up and controlled - more than any other company I have had contact with.  Except maybe Apple - heh.


    So if McGill says Apple had an influence on color preference, I'm thinking he's not lying.  Of course this kind of research is kept very secret so I doubt under any circumstances would they reveal how they came to such a conclusion.



    I would also suggest that the issue is not what McGill said. It was how it was taken out of context by both the AI writer and some here who just haven't done their homework. 


    It should be noted that the original article stated that 



    Silver was the most popular exterior car color in America for nearly a decade. But while it remains beloved by automotive designers for best showing off a car's styling, its unstinting argent reign was finally overthrown this year. By white. According to Sandy McGill, BMW Designworks' lead designer in color, materials, and finish, this is Steve Jobs' doing. "Prior to Apple, white was associated with things like refrigerators or the tiles in your bathroom. Apple made white valuable."


    Everyone knows that for decades, black was either the only color or the most popular, either by design or choice. White became popular in the latter half of the 20th century, particularly after studies showed it was deemed 'safer' particularly at night because of greater visibility. Now of course, we have all day running lights. A law that required all cars sold in Canada from 1990 to have. But, apparently not one state in the Union has adopted. Must be in the Constitution.


    Apparently, for the past few years, white was the favourite color in the US.1-2 Silver in the UK. 4-4


    I personally would agree with McGill's observations. After all, being BMW Designworks' lead designer, is a position not to take lightly or make assumptions without well-founded research. And lets face it, it is not the first time that Job's started trends either by what he brought to market, wore or directed.


    And as continued after McGill's statement in the original article, How brown became the red-hot color for new cars and trucksby Brett Bark, and not attributed to McGill,



    Valuable, yet boring. So while the rise in white's snowy stock may be good news for the luxury market — white is high maintenance, thus luxurious — it's a pale palliative for those of us with a bit more pigment in their palette. Fortunately, our expert interviews and analysis reveal that more enticing colors are emerging.


    Amazing what one learns when they read.






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    Hitting two birds in one stone! Marketing!

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