AT&T 4G slowness

in iPhone edited January 2014

I'm leaving AT&T as soon as the iPhone 5 comes out.   AT&T's "4G" is more like Edge in Salt Lake.   No matter how many bars I have with a 4G tag the slowness is unbearable.

My daughter's 3G Verizon iPhone 4S is tons faster than my AT&T 4S.


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    Salt Lake City is on the list to get AT&T LTE soon. So you might want to stay with AT&T after all once you get an iPhone 5.


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    Doesn't matter how fast it is between the phone and the tower if AT&T throttles the speed from the tower to the 'net.   If the problem isn't an intentional throttle, but tower oversubscription, why would I trust them to do LTE right?   Either way, AT&T lost a customer.

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