VMware launches Fusion 5 with 70 new features including Windows 8 optimization



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    noelosnoelos Posts: 118member
    Er. How come people are complaining about Parallels annual paid upgrades for each new OS X release? Isn't that exactly this is? Fusion 4 crashes Mountain Lion and looks awful on a retina display.
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    nofear1az wrote: »
    got tired of Parallels constant upgrades every time a new of OSX arrived or a new version of Windows came out.  So, I dumped it and tried Sun's free Virtualbox which worked great for putting XP into a VM but had a few things that I needed that didn't work with Virtualbox so I bought Fusion4 and it works great. 

    Was Fusion4 better than Parallels, nope, but it felt smoother, gentler to me.  I always had issues with usb devices under Parallels anyway and the constant upgrade costs was getting to be more of a re-occurring rental fee than a purchase so I am quite happy with Fusion4 right now.  

    In no way am I trying to sway anyone away from Parallels but if you just need Windows for that one app or to do simple stuff, I see no reason why not to try Virtualbox first before spending money on either of the other choices.  

    I tried Virtualbox, as well and it worked OK, but had a major flaw - it would not use a Boot Camp image. So I would need to have separate images for Boot Camp and Virtualbox - which was an unnecessary bother (especially since you'd need a separate copy of Windows for each due to Microsoft's activation scheme). It's been a while since I tested it - has that problem been addressed?
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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,784member

    Anyone ever tried Crossover by Codeweavers?  I need to get Scheduall running on a coworkers Air and was considering giving it a tryout.

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    Let's see. It's available now for $49.99. Or VMF 3/4 users can upgrade for only...$49.99. WTF?


    edit: ah. can upgrade to VM5 Pro for $49.99 (reg $99.99). Meh...

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    doh123doh123 Posts: 323member


    Originally Posted by logandigges View Post

    When OnLive becomes fully featured, Fusion and Parallels will be gone!

    is that a joke?  I doubt they'll live much longer, they are already in Bankruptcy right now.


    Originally Posted by Evilution View Post

    I could have sworn that they had only just released VM4 in the last 6 months.

    Parallels is getting too far ahead in numbers... and they need something new to sell for money.  If they called it like 4.5 they couldn't charge everyone for it.


    Originally Posted by WelshDog View Post

    Anyone ever tried Crossover by Codeweavers?  I need to get Scheduall running on a coworkers Air and was considering giving it a tryout.

    Crossover uses Wine, to run Windows software without Windows.  Like anything Wine based.... *if* you can get your program working right, it usually runs better than a VM could do... but its not always easy or possible to get every peice of software to work.

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    kozchriskozchris Posts: 209member

    Installed Fusion 5 today and imported my parallels vm which all went smoothly. Fusion handles somethings better but fails in other ways. Running in full screen and then using gestures to switch to OSX desktop and back causes the cursor to jump to the upper left corner of the screen in Fusion, annoying. Ran Fusion for a while and then all my MS Windows windows started flickering because of some other bug. Can't get support without registering but then the vmware website doesn't like my $49.99 registration code. Not a very good experience so far. 

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    igrivigriv Posts: 1,177member

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    I am curious, what did VirtualBox not have that you wanted (I have never used it, so wonder if I should...)

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    jccjcc Posts: 301member

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    They really try to screw the normal version upgraders as there's no promo discount. They should offer 50% discount to people who want to upgrade from 4 to 5. VMware also upgrades at least once a year. I last upgraded from 3 to 4 in Sept of last year and now, they want me to pay full price to upgrade again.

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    Apparently Parallels 8 is coming on Sept 4th

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    I've been using Fusion 4 and for some reason it has become unusably (?) slow. I dumped the image and created a new one that accesses Bootcamp and assigned 6GB of RAM, but no avail. I've been thinking of switching to Parallels. I expect a new one will release soon, now that Fusion 5 is out. And hopefully, like the last time around, they will give switchers a discount.

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    Another cash grab... 4 was a $50 hit for not much... now another $50 for 5?  For what?!?!  For it to work with Mountain Lion?  Frak you.  I'm done with VMWare...  worse than having to buy a $299 'premium' version of Windows...

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    shidell wrote: »
    Why can't you escape Windows altogether?

    For one who thinks so absolutely negatively of it, I would expect your morals to reject using it, and reject roles where you're forced to deal with it.

    "So absolutely negatively of it" and morals? Are these comments directed at me? If so, explain.
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    dr. xdr. x Posts: 280member

    It looks like you can get VMware Fusion 5 using the following discount code: "fus5beta20"


    You save $10.


    I upgraded to version 5 standard from version 4 for $39.99, a $10 savings.


    Not sure how long this is going to last so if you wish to upgrade to version 5 and don't want to pay $49, this is the way to do it.


    I believe this works for both the Pro version and the Standard version.

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    I am glad to hear this news. I think this windows 8 version is filled with advanced features and also with high definition screen resolution.

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