Apple's new EarPods will ship with iPhone 5, new iPods



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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    Oh so you've used these headphones and know they suck more than cheaper ones? Where did you get your hands on a pair?


    Go ahead and keep defending them. I'll be back to see you eat your words in a few weeks, but somehow, I suspect you won't admit to being wrong.

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    Originally Posted by Pendergast View Post

    To all those people saying they will suck:


    For crying out loud, they're earbuds that are INCLUDED with your purchase.


    They're not $300 headphones, or even $50 headphones for that matter.


    If they're better than the previous version, that's a good thing, right? Stop complaining. 

    Exactly - a $29 set of earphones will, by definition, suck. There's no other possibility. They still may be noticeably better than the old ones. Apple's $79 earphones are pretty good sound-wise (do they still make them?), but they still don't seal in the ear (by design).

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    The only ear buds that have ever stayed in my ears are ones that also have loops over the tops of the ears to hold them in place. I fear the same will be true for these.
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