Ticketing company to use iOS 6 Passbook at Columbus Zoo, other attractions



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    Neither of you know what your talking about. NFC and Passbook have nothing in common. NFC is a problem, is hardware centric, is insecure and dangerous, and already out of date. It also has an adoption rate of ZERO.


    Passbook may be brand new, but it will drive the widespread adoption of digital mobile payments. Why? Because Apple did it, and its on the iPhone. This is something people will actually use, and the scanning technology will be exceptionally easy for any business to invest in.

    NFC is dangerous?  It might have an adoption rate of zero in a place like new jersey but in other places the banks don't see it as insecure and dangerous which can be seen by the hundreds of thousands of terminals and retailers that are using the technology.   Given all the banks are issuing cards with NFC in it by default this shows that they accept it as a valid, secure enough payment solution because they are backing it with real money.

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