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<a href="http://www.plasma-online.de/index.html?content=http://www.plasma-online.de/english/identify/picture/motorola_cpu.html&quot; target="_blank">http://www.plasma-online.de/index.html?content=http://www.plasma-online.de/english/identify/picture/motorola_cpu.html&lt;/a&gt;

Just wondered if anyone is interested in the MPC7XX family here, seems this site shows how to identify components!?! Was intrigued by the claimed G4 permeations that were shown.

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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    "MPC7400 G4 (AltiVec, 0.15µm, 350-500MHz max., 2x32KB L1)

    MPC7410 G4 Apollo (G4 w/ SOI, Cu, cache optimized, 550MHz, low power G4)

    MPC7440 G4+ (600+MHz, 0.13µm Cu, 1.5V, 256KB L2 on die, no L3 support, 64GB RAM max., 2 AltiVec units)

    MPC7450 G4e (700+MHz, 0.13µm Cu, 1.8V, 256KB L2 on die, L3 support, 64GB RAM max., 2 AltiVec units)

    MPC7500 G5 (multiple G4 cores, 800MHz..2GHz, 512KB L2, 0.10µm SOI, 2002, 64bit)"

    Which of these have been released and are accurate?
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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    Well the glaring error to me is that the Apollo is the 7410 on that. The Apollo did not ship in the rev. A Powerbooks.
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    Glaring errors:

    ? G5 is not multicore

    ? There are not two altivec units on PPC7440 and PPC7450

    ? PPC7440 and PPC7450 are not .13µ

    Also silly and redundant is the referal to the MPC8500 14 lines below the MPC7500.
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    zoranszorans Posts: 187member
    Hehe, thought some of those claimed G4's were/are fishy...


    just realised this is from Germany /swipe
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