Some users find scuffs, nicks on newly-purchased iPhone 5s [u]



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    I wonder why Apple chose an aluminum backplate as opposed to one using LiquidMetal Technologies products. I know Apple renewed their licensing rights with LiquidMetal, why isn't it being used?
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    Originally Posted by HSNTX View Post

    So it is ok to get a scuffed expensive BMW car out of the box, or it's ok to get scratched new iPad. That's nonsense. 


    He's not saying that. He's saying that with the way folks are talking it's every iphone and there are dings all over them, when that's not the truth. 


    Basically folks need to get over this false notion that Apple is 100% perfect and everything they release is 100% perfect from day one and never fails ever ever. And they need to stop acting like everything is a major deal. When flaws happen, and they aren't always even Apple's fault or at least not complete fault, they are typically a very small cut of the whole and Apple does a way the hell better job at making it right than most other companies. That is what folks should be paying attention to. Not that 0.0001% of a product has an almost invisible scratch that might have been there at the factory or might have been the result of getting banged around by careless delivery folks

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    I wonder why Apple chose an aluminum backplate as opposed to one using LiquidMetal Technologies products. I know Apple renewed their licensing rights with LiquidMetal, why isn't it being used?

    If they did that then people would have nothing to complain about. And then what would all the poor blogs do to whore for hits since there's no fresh iphone rumors to keep them going

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,523member
    The psychology of a shiny new toy.

    A few years back I took delivery of a $50k SUV only to find a scratch on the wood work around the central console. The dealership seemed to be surprised I insisted this was replaced but they did it. The wood not the vehicle I should add. Now a few years on I have small dings and scratches in many places and take it in stride. It's funny how we react to anything new not being perfect but it is a normal reaction I think especially on something newly unwrapped. Looking back the guys at the dealership acted like they thought I was an idiot for making a fuss over a tiny scratch but I confess I did and no doubt would again.

    Here is my theory ...

    I suspect if we were alone on an island we'd not care but I think it maybe the thought of showing off our new toy to a friend only to hear them gleefully point out a defect is intolerable .... Oh how shallow we humans are /LOL
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    I'm tempted to get one, and I hate cases. I'll have to never put it in the same pocket as my keys. I think the white one will bear up better... even when it gets scratched or nicked at least it won't show through a different colour aluminum.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Are you kidding me? You would put your two year old on the Internet to hype your fixit company. Most people would not even let their kids have a Facebook account until they are 16 but you put your kid on display at age two? Give me a freakin' break! Are you insane? This is the Internet the we are talking about. There are crazy people on the Internet.


    It's such a shame that so few people have our old world sensibilities anymore. No one seems to care about their privacy, and that's absolutely terrifying.

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    Actually it's callback to Watergate with Richard Nixon, which has lead to everything involving any scandal having 'gate' attached to it. The media and people used this for "antennagate" of the iPhone 4 as it has for numerous other scandals over the two-three decades.


    Just as 'iPad' has replaced 'tablet' and 'iPod' 'PMP', so too has the Apple equivalent of 'scandal' replaced the original name.

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    That video with young Uma Thurman proves what? That colored metal can be scratched? Somebody call science books and tell them they're still right.
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    drakehoe wrote: »
    Check this out.. This should get me a replacement I'm thinking, as it would actually affect the image optic quality. Would like some second opinions on this please. 

    It looks like a faded scuff.. but I noticed, it's on the INSIDE of the lens cover. Or it could even be within the cover. Let me know what you guys think..


    That should be fixed under warranty. What is there to think about?
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    This is annoying.
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    My wife's new white iPhone 5 has a paint flaw under the glass.

    Really disappointing when you spend *that* much on a phone.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    This is annoying.


    The "scuffing" or this thread?

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    I went to collect a pre-ordered black 32gb iPhone 5 at my carrier in Hong Kong and was given a phone with some tiny scratches near the screen. Their agent replaced it with a second phone that also had a small scratch. He then gave me a third phone, which he himself pointed out had a small scratch. I was then told that I would either need to accept one of the phones or pre-order again, since their policy only allows for three boxes to be opened for a particular customer. I suppose this was fate telling me not to buy an iPhone, since the device didn't seem all that exciting in the first place. Maybe I'm weird, but I actually think the thinness and lightness makes the phone feel less premium, and finding scratches on a just-unboxed product makes you think twice about what you're getting for the exorbitant price tag. 

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    This #scuffgate bullshit burns my ass so much that I have to add a post.


    Both my 2010 MBP 13" and my 4S came with blemishes. The MBP has a long scuff (not a scratch) on the top, the 4S has a scratch on the back... both right out of the box.


    I couldn't give a rat's ass! More bother to take them back then it's worth. The 4S has always had a case on it anyway.


    It's your brand new toy. You want it perfect. I get it. Exchange it if you want. Just quit whining about it.


    Again...  Whiners Across America Against Apple... Waaaa!



    Over and out!



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    iPhone 5 will be the best selling iPhone ever, with the lowest customer satisfaction rating ever.

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    Originally Posted by mac-user View Post

    …the lowest customer satisfaction rating ever.



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    Cute kid!
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    Samsung wants to add, Scuffgate their innovative design.
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    I haven't bought or handled an iPhone 5 yet, but I must state that I for one find it unfathomable receiving my newly acquired product only to find it isn't in mint condition. A replacement is the only solution possible. In Apples defence I also believe that any replacement must be conditional to most if not all of the original protective film be in place and untampered with. Lets face it ionized paint jobs on any lighter coloured metal is just a scuff magnet. After the initial inspection and unwrapping better find a great black bottle of Testor model paint.
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    Originally Posted by Abobrek View Post

    I wonder why Apple chose an aluminum backplate as opposed to one using LiquidMetal Technologies products. I know Apple renewed their licensing rights with LiquidMetal, why isn't it being used?


    Good question.


    The LiquidMetal stuff isn't ready yet, and if they can't make it suitable for manufacturing in huge quantities then they could drop it altogether. 


    If they can do it then the win in terms of manufacturing costs, speed of production and durability of the finished product will be immense.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    yes, I meant the lowest among the iPhones.

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