Mozilla releases Retina display-ready beta of Firefox web browser

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Mozilla on Monday announced that the latest beta of its popular Firefox browser supports the high-resolution display found in Apple's 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display models.

Firefox Beta

The new Firefox 18 beta comes nearly three months after Google first offered support for Apple's high-resolution laptops in July with Chrome for Mac, and joins a short list of third-part applications that are Retina-ready.

In addition to the Mac-only Hi-DPI support, Firefox 18 comes with improved JavaScript handling via Mozilla's JavaScript JIT compiler, dubbed IonMonkey, which promises fast code handling on ARM, 32-bit and 64-bit machines. Other enhancements include preliminary support for WebRTC, the HTML5 and Java API-based real-time communications project, and a built-in PDF viewer.

According to the release notes, Retina MacBook Pros running OS X 10.7 and up are supported.


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    I'm curious. Is it 64-bit yet?
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    Originally Posted by einsteinbqat View Post

    I'm curious. Is it 64-bit yet?



    Actually, Firefox has been 64-bit on Mac (and on Linux) for a long time now!


    Firefox on Windows is still stuck on 32-bit, which shows how difficult the transition has been for Microsoft.  Opps. :-)


    Also curious, Google Chrome is still stuck on 32-bit.  Which is interesting because I think it reflects that when they decided to fork webkit so they can build their own sandboxing solution, it's proven to be more difficult to maintain than they probably anticipated.  However, if they didn't roll their own solution, it may not have pushed Apple to develop their own for Safari.  So, competition is still a good thing.  :-)

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