sharing internet cable between os x and win2k

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i've ordered a new iMac and want to be able to share my internet cable with a laptop running win2k. For the time being I'd like it to be a wired system, moving to a wireless solution when I have more cash available. So...

How do I do it? Thanks in advance for your input.


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    My roommate and i are sharing a cable modem line. Basicly what we did is just buy a 6 port hub which i think cost us about 60-80 dollars and then just plug the ehternet cable coming from the modem to the uplink port and then connected the mac and pc to there own ports.

    As for the ip's it depends if you are set up dhcp or if you have a static address.

    if you are connected dhcp then just set the mac and pc to dhcp. and if you are set up static then you can try two things.

    one is to use the same ip address and change the last number of it either one up or one down. for example if your ip address is

    then just change the 3 to a 4 or a 5 or a 2. and see if that works.

    the other option is to call your provider and ask for extra ip address. the only problem is that they might charge you extra for it.

    if you are set up dhcp then don't call them, both computers should get there own address asigined to them.

    just make sure that the dchp settings are the same.

    i hope that makes sense, it is early and i still haven't drank my diet pepsi yet.


    if you have any questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]

    or Aim...screen name azrialisgod

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    Please don't change the last digit of your IP address up one or down one. That will cause problems for whoever is actually paying for that address.

    Instead of getting a hub, get a router/firewall. You can get one with four ports $50 if you shop around.
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    You could try and use Win2K's web sharing feature, to share the single I.P. number between the 2 computers. Don't ask me how to set this up, but this is how my brother can connect 2 computers (and 3 when I take my Mac round) to his single I.P. Cable broardband connection (he may have 2 ethernet cards in his PC but I am not sure).

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    [quote]Instead of getting a hub, get a router/firewall. You can get one with four ports $50 if you shop around.<hr></blockquote>

    This is your best bet. I have a linksys router connected to 2 PC's and 1 PowerMac and it runs better than the single modem/PC/software connection did. All you have to do is specify your user settings on one comp and it's good for all.
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    Get a Linksys EtherFast 4 port cable/dsl router. They are cheap, they are the best, and great, not to mention the most popular. You conifgure it with a web browser.

    I think they can be $75 now.
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