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    Rokcet's got a good point...MegaUpload is one of the best IMO. But I still can't believe Finder supports read but not WRITE ftp, at least basic capabilities. Same thing for NTFS... If they support read, wouldn't it be not too much more work to support write? I don't know anything about the underneath programming but it wouldn't it be more than half the battle if you get reading to work? Ah wow look at the thread date...hehe all these old threads make me nostalgic. Characters come and go. Perhaps I need to start being here less and getting out a bit more...? \
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    WeTransfer doesn't require registration, and has no waiting time before download. MegaUpload does. And I still can't find what the upload limits (Per transfer? Per day? Per month?) of MegaUpload are. WeTransfer's rules are simple: 2GB max per transfer, per IP, as many consecutive transfers as you like.

    And, very convenient, WeTransfer provides you notice of download by the recipient! By the second!
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    You could also try FTP Client. It works really well and has the benefit of being the cheapest FTP Client on the Mac App Store.

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