SSD Speeds: Faster Reads or equal?

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Looking at the benchmarks of the two leading SSDs on today's market, Samsung 840 Pro and the Vector, I notice something odd between them. Samsung had faster reads than writes. While the Vector had roughly equal write/read throughput.


467.3MB/s: Samsung 840 Pro

490.5MB/s: OCZ Vector


515.3MB/s: Samsung 840 Pro

497.0MB/s: OCZ Vector

Benchmark used is Blackmagicdesign's Disk Speed Test.

My guess is that this was purposely done. For reasons I do not know and would like to know through your comments below. :)


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    Samsung are on my 'no fly' list.


    Get teh Ocz VectorRRR.


    Lemon Bon Bon.

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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member

    The performance you see is a function of the way OCZ designed their controller vs the way Samsung designed their controller.


    Given the failures in some 840 pros (presumably fixed with a later firmware) and the generally poor reliability of OCZ drives in the past I'd stick with the much cheaper last gen (Samsun 830, Crucial M4, etc) and see how things pan out.  

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