major tibook screen problem

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Oh dear.

I was just surfing the AI forums on my TiBook 667, when my screen developed horizontal white lines. Now it flickers like crazy, stretches the image vertically by a factor of about 2, and the screen is more white lines than it is image. It is virtually illegible.

I've tried all I know how:

*booted in both OS 9 and X

*booted from CD

*pressed the reset button on back

*zapped pram

Luckily I've managed to transfer most of my important files onto this iMac, but I want my beautiful Ti back.

Also luckily, I'm still on Apple warrantee, but I'm not looking forward to having to use it.

Can anyone help? Please.



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    This sounds like a hardware problem to me. The cable running through the hinge is probably damaged. This is a job for Apple.
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    josephgjosephg Posts: 111member
    Indeed it was a hardware problem, but I haven't brought it in for repair, since the problem's gone away.

    I kinda just lightly pushed the back of the screen near the hinges, and like magic, the problem's gone, hasn't returned since (a couple of hours). It's as if nothing ever happened.

    My question is: what now? The screen's fine, so if I brought it in for repair, there'd be nothing to fix (at least nothing readily wrong), and so I doubt a technician would do anything. But I'm still somewhat scared of a recurring problem that won't be so easily fixable in the future.

    Is there something I should do? Maybe just notify Apple so they know this might be an issue with TiBooks?
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    supersuper Posts: 82member
    I had this exact same problem with my PISMO. The problem would spring up and i could fix it by pushing on the hinges near the screen. The problem was that while i was doing this the cable was actually being destroyed by being crumpled. My screen eventually died and i had to have it replaced under warranty.
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    I would call Apple now, and let them know what happened. If nothing else, you want to be on file with Apple so if the problem returns, they have a record that you've called about it once already, and may be more willing to look at your PB.

    BTW, all PB's (in USA) go to Texas for repair, no other place is authorized to do repair work on these units.
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    Ya, I would make SURE to get right on it...
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